Why Do Christians Fast

This is a good one! Why do Christians fast? Such a huge and clever question, but how many of us really got the answer to this one? No…like seriously. When do we ever pause to ponder over such issues, a typical one being why we as Christians fast? Do Christians just fast because they feel the need to lose weight? Or is it a requirement that qualifies someone in being more qualified than another in terms of righteousness in the Christian faith? Well….you need not be confused about any of these because we going to look at all of that while we progress in this article. We all may have certain doubts when it comes to fasting and its essence in the lives of Christians in general.
Fasting is a means of one abstaining from anything solid or liquid in terms of food for a stipulated or set aside period of time. This act usually is seen being practiced concurrently alongside prayers. Now it may interest you to know that the word fasting actually is derived from the Greek word ‘nesteuo’, which can be translated in meaning ‘to abstain’. In other words, the abstinence from eating and drinking of food literally can be termed as fasting. One denying himself of food, material goods or worldly pleasures and in the stead of all these giving undivided attention and honor to God is the ideal principle behind fasting. Fasting dates back from the time of old and during these times its practice was held in reverence and awe, and great and mighty men of God had to go through this process to have that perfect relationship they desired to have with God. For special reasons and purposes people fasted.

Find out the essence of fasting for Christians

Why do Christians fast?

This all important act was not done merely to show off ones deep rooted interest in the Christian faith, but however was practiced to draw one closer to God, and was seen being done by both the rich and poor in society. Christians most often the ones who find themselves in this era seem not t get the whole picture behind why this act is practiced or even more its importance in their lives. Some might just go through with it owing to the fact that they feel the need to also follow the crowd but really lack any insight whatsoever why they need to do it. To better gain insight into why we need to fast as Christians, take a walk down with me as I show you the real and vital essence of this ancient practice FASTING!

Below are the answers to Why Christians Fast

Fasting acts as a sign of humility in the sight of God. Fasting as an act was even practiced by great and powerful men in the bible some of which were kings and had dominion over nations. But this fact did not deter them or place arrogance in them so as not to refrain from the consumption of food, material goods or worldly pleasures. A typical example is the story of David, a man after Gods own heart. He walked diligently in the ways of the lord and though he became king, he never let that fact hinder his faith and fervent worship of the lord. He humbled himself before the lord and fasted while praying. With such an act of humility and perseverance, how could God ever deny him anything? No wonder he was a man after Gods own heart. A man much loved by God.

Fasting serves as a means of intensifying ones prayer life. Through fasting we get to realize how drawn or connected we become with God through accompanied prayers that go with the fasting process. Regardless of the fact that our relationship with God might look deem and somewhat unreachable in the spiritual sense, fasting bridges that gap, going hand in hand with prayers. The two can never really be separated. They fit together and one cannot do without the other. Our prayer life is sparked back to life when we begin to seek the face of God through prayers.

Fasting is a source of guidance in times of distress and confusion from God. During the days of the Israelites, the practice of fasting was never far from the people who knew God. Through persecutions and bondage faced, the people never relent in their trust for the lord and the fact that if they go to him in earnest and cry out to him, he will answer them gladly. Moses, a man who served the lord in truth led the people of Israel and fasted on their behalf to bring the ten commandment tablet……Exodus 34:28( kjv) And he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments. This tablet was to serve as a guide for the people of Israel to follow. The commandments were to guide people in adhering to the voice of the lord. How incredible is fasting really? Look at how we get to view the relationship God built with Moses, further leading to his undying love for him as he rescues his people from the hands of Pharaoh at the time who had sworn never to release Gods people.

Fasting strengthens or gives one that spiritual growth they need in order to develop as Christians. You might be going through some difficult and trying times, where all forms of hope seems lost or somehow unavailable but when you focus your attention on God, he who is the giver of strength renews every piece of strength fiber within you and helps you overcome your challenges spiritually and physically. Take into consideration the life of Jesus. Now, when he was faced with diverse temptations and trials, he used fasting as a means of drawing even closer to God. He fasted for an awesome forty days (40)….., how many of us in these times can boast of going that far with our fasting and prayer lives? Very few I must say which is quite sad. As Christians, we need to imbibe the very essential aspects of the religion and do accordingly just as our father in heaven would want us to do. Spiritual growth is demonstrated by fasting accompanied with prayers. You can’t do without the two if you really want to live your life as a true follower and worshipper of God.

Fasting is an essential in the life of every good Christian. It represents a Christian’s faith and belief in the Lord. True worship and dedication comes from praying and fasting. We all may have variant reasons with which we might decide to fast, but getting to know why it is essential not just as Christians but also as people generally focused on serving the lord, it’s quite very necessary and vital to inculcate into our lives. Fasting does not only belong to Christians solely or instituted from ancient times of kings and rulers amidst staunch and devoted men of God, it stands for everyone no matter the religion being adhered to. It’s the importance or the message carried about by the fast in the life of a person that matters most, not they doing it just for the sake of being Christians. It is an act that we all must learn to practice, if really we want to build and nurture ourselves spiritually. The essence of fasting in the lives of Christians cannot be over emphasized as we’ve all been made to know and identify its importance above. We all need to carry this with us and let it dwell with us wherever we find ourselves. If for any reason we had certain doubts concerning fasting and why we need to practice it as Christians, no more should we doubt or feel confused. Fasting is indeed essential and when missing in the life of one, spiritually you know just how much you are losing now don’t you?

Why Do Christians Fast was written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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