What Does the Bible Say About Abortion

Is Abortion a Sin?
Abortion is an act performed and aimed at ending the life of an unborn child. It is mostly carried out by women who to some reasons feel they really have no need for a child within a particular moment or time by which mistakenly conception may have taken place. It’s a means of taking the life of another, for which we may be in no position of doing by the mere fact that we say we not ready to bear forth the child we ourselves helped in forming. Does society consider what does the bible say about abortion? If you take a closer look at society today you’ll realize that most of the acts which have become accepted and is being practiced commonly due to the natural evolving of the world, were hither to not considered as being worthy of being practiced or morally upright in performing in times past owing to the kind of value held at the time and the believe and reverence towards the variants chosen faiths or religions being practiced in those days by most people. The subject of abortion was one which always attracted some sort of ill feeling or awkward approach due to its nature and those who practiced it accordingly were not left out as they also were made to face the scrutiny and harsh criticism from the public. In our time, what do we see and hear now? A slow but dangerously moving virus of accepting values which are somewhat meaningless and go so much against the words of the lord.

Is abortion a sin?

Is abortion a sin?

Most people seem to have lost meaning in the essence and importance of God in our lives so much so that his words do not represent or teach us that which is clean and upright. This is very much disturbing stemming from the fact that we own not ourselves and are not answerable to ourselves yet we tend to live our lives as though there were no tomorrow. Hmmm…., Christianity and Christians in general seem to falter when it comes to doing that which the lord does not command, yet will in some way and somehow always try diverse means in covering up their tracks by telling others of what the scriptures have quoted not. Are you such a Christian? What does the bible say with regards to Abortion? How many people ever ponder about this even to a greater extent of viewing the bibles opinion regarding this act which seems to have eaten deep into the fiber of society?

This subject will be looked at from the biblical perspective. Christians and non Christians will find the following quite helpful and I pray that it does its part in reaching out to many people who have become somehow confused on the issue of Abortion as a whole and may be considering making that one most important decision of either wanting to terminate that baby they’ve got or keeping it as theirs. The choice you make should always have a ‘GOD FACTOR’ in it. If you not considering his say in what’s right and wrong in your life, then you going off course as the Christian you say you are and your deeds will surely bear you out. The bible in its content condemns the practice of abortion right from the beginning of time and this ground has not seized to hold its grip firmly even to date. It was an act that went against the words and command of God. Though most people may argue in some cases of the importance of abortion in the life of one at some critical point when babies are not really needed, does it justify its practice and the means of destroying the life of an innocent baby who has absolutely no idea of what ever mistake done by his/her mother or even father? Some Christians even argue that abortion is required at some point in one’s life especially when through unfortunate accidents and means, one becomes pregnant. For instance; through acts of rape, abuse and even medical conditions where babies pose as threats to the mothers and could lead to their fatal end if and when conception is carried out through the full length of pregnancy, people assume and accept abortion as being the one and only true alternative of which could help save the life of the bearer of the child or set them free literally speaking. But this assumption I will say goes way beyond the laid down rules and principle that govern against the taking of another’s life unrightfully. To enlighten us a bit more, let’s take a look at what the scriptures really say when it comes to the subject of abortion. The bibles main condemnation of the act of abortion stems from the fact that:

First and foremost, abortion represents a sin against God. Yes indeed. In the book of Exodus 20:13,a command is given us not to kill, this was instituted so as to keep the perfect law of God which supports recreation…a fulfillment of the creation story Gen 1:28 (kjv)… And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. God is the only one who has the power in taking and giving lives (John 10:17-18). So when you undergo an abortion, you indirectly take the life of another and absolutely nothing can justify that. You take the breath giving to one freely by God and in effect destroy God’s creation. What does that make you then? A murderer and killer….., I didn’t say it, the handwriting on the wall is very much legible. Indirectly, you have defied the word of the lord and committed a grave sin of which forgiveness must be sought at all cost. He already gave his order on the day he created man by instilling the law of procreation. Now you in turn tell God you not ready to take up such a challenge of becoming responsible for a new born as innocent as the one you carrying in your womb. So what do you do to set yourself free…., you go all out and terminate the baby. A pure and innocent blood that has no reason whatsoever to suffer for the negligence you managed to create single handedly all by yourself. Is this entirely fair? Why do we have to place ourselves in seemingly needless situations that compromise our whole being and self worth just so we could please the flesh? Or are we ignorant of the fact that when and if we refuse to pay heed to God’s instructions of not engaging in fornicative living, we will bear forth children that will not be accepted by God? So why get pregnant in the first place? That’s the truth and you all know it too well, needless I go on and on about it.

The bible says abortion is a sin against oneself. You may think you may be doing it only to free yourself and escape from the realities of your actions, but in reality you commiting a grave sin not only against God, but against yourself. The bible lets us know that when we commit sin, our whole being including that which is within and without is destroyed by the sin that we commit( Romans 2:28) . We may commit abortion yes, but just how free do we become afterwards? Sin corrupts and evades every part of your being. You can’t run away from it. The picture becomes so glaring to the eye, and you may be left to face the wrath of God. Just think of some of the worst forms of punishment you could ever subject yourself to, not mentioning the misery of condemning your entire body and soul into an eternal damnation of fire.

Thirdly, abortion constitutes the taking of human life which can be equated to murdering or killing in literal terms. The life of a baby does not lie in the hands of its mother even though they may be the carrier’s of the fetus. Jeremiah 1:5King James Version (KJV) …..’Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.’ The bible clearly states that before God ever even formed us in the womb of our mothers, he already knew us. He knew who and what we would become, and yet was still proud to give us life and bring us into this world via our birth mothers. As guardians or representatives of God here on earth, mothers are tasked with the responsibility of caring and nurturing for babies. One therefore does not decide when they feel like caring for them or taking responsibility, as it is life that is being dealt with over here. God is the giver and taker of life and that’s final. No man has been given the authority or mandate to take the life of another when they so please….it’s totally wrong! Murder is what I call this act no matter how you really look at it. You shed innocent blood just because you want to rid yourself free from taking responsibility for the life of another? Beats my imagination, but Christians need not subject themselves to this level of living in the flesh! Abortion should be a no go area, not only for Christians but everybody who upholds the sanctity of life. The word of God clearly speaks against it. No message could have been ever clearer.

What does the bible say about abortion was written by Written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.


8 responses to “What Does the Bible Say About Abortion”

  1. chantelle Iris says:

    clearly we all can identify that there’s a thin line between ABORTION AND MISCARRIAGE. abortion most at times is planned and deliberate dear friends. you can’t tell me that miscarriages too are planned and timed now can you?

    when one has a miscarriage, that cannot be termed as an abortion. the other circumstances associated with having an abortion such as rape and the likes, does not in any way qualify your desire to end the life of another. it doesn’t at all. its sinful and sad that you place someone’s life in yur hands and decide to end it.

    do you know what the outcome of that child might be? so why end it?

    no matter how hard you try to justify abortion, in the sight of God and the law, it’s wrong. even if medical conditions permit you to end a child’s life as a mother, i think i would rather prefer to give my child life and lose mine instead. that’s what a christian does. its called sacrifice.
    Thank you all for your comments. we really appreciate it. keep them coming in.

  2. DOCKY BILLS says:

    Hmm really a heart touching article but still have QUESTION MARK.In the case of miscourage,it could be fortunate or unfortunate being that the victim is scared of terminating the pregnancy and so fortunate on her side it results into a miscourage….WHAT THEN DO WE CALL THAT TOO

  3. Anonymous says:

    Heart touching

  4. Fredy Thompson says:

    thou shalt not kill. finito! it didn’t say ‘with the exception of unwanted babies’. just respect life. you represent the beauty of life. yes! you. just lieve and let others live. we all have the right to life. Life is good.

  5. Asiwome says:

    i think everything said in the article is touching,it will really work on your heart if you truely have conscience

  6. Kofi Mensah says:

    Abortion is like tearing the visa of someone who is due to travel to another country. You prevented the one from travelling. You have no reason to justify someone’s travel if God already has granted the opportunity for the travel.

  7. Kwame Amoako-Atta says:

    It could be that the person,seeking for abortion was raped or there is something wrong with the fetus so it should be cleared of.

  8. Ikenna says:

    What would you have to say about a woman having a miscarriage which is a natural form of abortion,I think we have to think critically about this your article

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