Prayer for Success


Lord Jesus, I come to you this day

Father I thank you for my life.

I thank you for my job and career

I thank you for my family.

I pray asking for your divine favor of success in my job, career and family.

I pray and ask of you to bless me with success wherever I find myself

May my life story not record any failures with you by my side as my lord and personal savior.

Let your stream of success flow into my life, that at the end of it all, we shall give you all the thanks and praise for you are ever deserving of it. In Jesus name have I prayed, Amen.

One response to “Prayer for Success”

  1. aMANDA says:

    Loved ones, thank you for your prayers. My teacher thinks she lets me know my results around 11th of coming July. Please continue to pray that this will be good. That I may let you know good news of this. Furthermore, please keep praying that my family/friends also become Christians. For the right man by my side to marry. Important as well for me as a student: For an increase in finances. There is a job opportunity in my church in my field of knowledge. So Pray that I will get this job, pray that it is doable for me in combi with study, and be the chosen one for this. Also continue: Total healing of past traumas. Thanks, blessings.

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