Prayer for Marriage

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Marriage is a holy union in the sight of God, and will always be as He has instituted it. No matter how we may look at it, every relationship comes with its own complications and ills. Yet, it depends on you to help change the picture and make things go the right way they should go. Broken marriages or unhappy marriages that have gotten fixed through constant and dedicated prayers. Infact, no magic is needed here. All you need do is to go down on your knees and pray to the father above to help fix that broken or troubled marriage. Also, if you want to get married, same applies for you to seek the face of God. Leave your special Prayer for Marriage request in the comment box below for us to prayer with you.



Prayer for marriage

This Prayer for Marriage restoration can work wonders

Lord Jesus I come to you for help. Father I commit my marriage into your hands. Also, I ask that you restore all that has gone wrong in this union lord. Jesus I pray from within me, asking that you oh Lord God will help restore my marriage. Moreover, replenish and give unto my partner and I total restoration in Jesus name.

Guide and guard my marriage. Protect it against any external or internal negativity. Let love, peace, and unity reign n my marriage father. Just as you brought us together to be one, may we continue in the path as husband and wife father. Thank you for my partner’s life and also for restoring this marriage. I’m grateful father. I believe within me that my marriage has received divine visitation this day. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.



Prayer for Marriage when in trouble

Prayer for Marriage when in trouble

Father I seek your help in my marriage this day. It is my plea that you help restore my marriage. Father, things seem to be sinking down fast in my marriage and I need your intervention. Also, I need you to fix every problem that exists in my marriage. Again, the marriage is not working, but I believe you will restore my marriage in Jesus name.

Whatever trouble serving as a stumbling block in my marriage right now, I pray that you fix it for me father. Help my partner and I resolve our troubled marriage in peace. Your word says that the two will become become one. Oh lord, help my marriage gain back whatever blessing or favor that it has lost.  It is with hope and fight that I cry out my heart to you this day. And I know and believe that my marriage will be restored. I believe that my situation is not hopeless. All together, I thank you lord for an answered prayer. Amen.

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22 responses to “Prayer for Marriage”

  1. M says:

    Please pray that God restore my relationship with LB. We’ve never been given that fair chance at our relationship the way we should’ve. God brought us together in the beginning & although we have separated before in the past he has always brought us back together. I’m now here facing this time of separation once again. I know what mistakes where done & now know how to correct them from the start. I ask that God put his hands in our relationship & bring us back together. In Jesus name.

  2. ROBERT says:

    please i need your support in prayer,i have been prayer for life partner about 34years now but yield no result.

  3. Dakota says:

    I would like to make a prayer request for my estranged spouse Caleb. I would like to pray that he will find love and forgiveness for me in his heart. I would also like to pray that God will return him home to me as a child of God and free of addiction and lust. In the name of Jesus amen .

  4. Matthew says:

    I will like you to pray for my marriage.Things are not going well at all.My wife Moved out of our home to stay with her mother.When I asks her to come back home she just refusing.Pastor and women of the Church even asked her to go home she just refusing.Even now she does not wear her wedding Ring,She goes out and comes back late at her Mothers House.Her Mother is even sick because of the stress she is causing.I even told her that whatever I have done wrong I apology cause I really want my wife back.She was the most caring and sweet woman.I just don’t know what has got into her and I don’t wanna lose her.I need pray to restore my marriage.It has being 3 months since she has left,everyday I try to keep my strenght not to break down and cry.I really need Pray for my Wife Martha to come back home

  5. Antonio says:

    Hello, please pray for my wife she has been talking to someone else and is no longer in love with me and acts very unkind and unloving to me. I know its not all her fault, i have been selfish in our marriage and unloving and i also cheated many times and ive been abusive. Now she has left and cant even see her or she gets mad and im trying to show her i changed and a part of me thinks she knows i changed but i feel its as if something is stopping her from even seeing me or think of me. I dont really look for her because im afraid and she hurts me with words and actions everytime i see her. Please i know ive been bad but im willing to do anything for her, i ask everyone that reads to please pray for me, i promise i only have good intentions ffor me and my wife, i want the best for us. Also Ive been talking and praying to god for him to work in my marriage and to restore it once and for all. Please pray to god and ask him to move in our marriage as soon as possible, i cant take another day i feel like im loosing my wife for good. Please help i love my wife unconditionally to the fullest i regret everything bad i done to her!!!!!

  6. Kriss says:

    Please pray for my marriage my husband acts in the most hateful way. He says the most hurtful things. He acts like I have never contributed to the success in our lives. He is constantly working and making money and neglecting his family. He always said he wanted to be nothing like his parents but he is acting exactly like them. Full of negative and hateful especially towards me. He is even putting others infront me. He acts like I’m a nobody. That he is better off with out me when I was the same person who stuck by him when he didn’t have a single cent and saw him at his worst. He makes me feel so terrible. Right now he isn’t talking to me. He acts so hateful. It’s as if the devil has possessed him. Please pray for him to be delivered from this. Amen

  7. Mbuyi says:

    Prayer for my marraige to be restored. My husband to stop his adulterous ways and come back to our family again. Thank you for praying for us.

  8. aNKU says:

    hello, l want the good lord to bless us with success in our forthcoming marriage rites and our entire marriage life in Jesus name.

    we also want him to protect the family and our unborn children and provide financial resources to be also to provide for my wife and children.

    finally, l want God to continue to strengthen me as the head of the family and to lead my family in the fear of the Lord.

    All these l pray in Jesus name. AMEN

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Lord Jesus heal my broken relationship. Let us come together and be married in your name.Let our love for each other grow and let your peace reign.

    I pray for divine healing.That he should heal me of any infirmity being it spiritual or physical.

    God should open doors upon doors on my life. Expecting to experience His blessings in every aspect of my life that is career, education, business, finances etc.

    I wait on him. In Jesus name Amen.

  10. George says:

    I pray for the perfect spouse and vise versa. May she be a beauty in the sight of many and virtuous. Spirit led, Loyal, faithful, committed, prophetic, and a contagious praise and worshiper. I pray she’s sent by God. Helping me be who God called me to be in prophetic evangelism and vise versa. pray she is revealed as someone I’m supposed to be with. And vise versa. Someone who is with me through life changes, ministry, and growth and vise versa. May this union be made of the spirit.

  11. Evelyn says:

    Please pray for Evelyn and Cesar broken and dead marriage, to be resurrected,healed,restored,reconciliatin,Please Father open the lines of communication for us,and forgive us both for we are one, that we failed you in our marriage,I truely believe in your words Heavenly Father and its you that can only bring us together ,in Jesus name Amen

  12. David and Shawn says:

     Marriage Restoration

    God, I give you thanks right now because I know your moving in this situation. Remove the pain and hurt knowly and unknowly I cause over the years in her heart. Lord as you know Shawn holds on to her past all the way back to her childhood please help her to let it all go. Remove the ungodly counsel from around. Remind her of the love in her heart for me. Reminder how much I love her. I bind the emeny that is stirring up all her past hurts, lies and using it to attack our marriage. Father restore and renew our marriage according to your word for we are one. In JESUS name

  13. Joana says:

    Please I need a future partner

  14. Maria Vint says:

    Please pray for me on my relationship with my boyfriend, he’s afraid to be vulnerable and I would never hurt him. Thank you!

  15. Tony says:

    Prayer for God to help me make bold decisions in my marriage

  16. Temeka Wright says:

    It has been 4+ years that my husband and i have been in this broken marriage.
    Please pray for us because i believe that God is going to restore my marriage in Jesus name

  17. Diana says:

    I ask for prayers for my marriage, remove the negative thoughts and people trying to infiltrate outer Union. We have been married almost 22yrs and as all marriages have had some rough patches, however we are very much committed and in love with each other. I ask for your prayers to protect and bless our marriage and family. Pray to remove outside parties who are only looking to cause disorder, remove these people from our lives. Prayers for our marriage, family, love, strength and trust. Amen!

  18. Ellen says:

    I ask that you pray for my marriage to be restored. My husband and I have been married for 1 year, after the one year anniversary we had an argument and he decided that marriage wasn’t for him. He suffers from depression and has some insecurities. He hides behind these insecurities and feels he is better off alone. I pray that God heals his heart and realizes that he belongs here and that he is truly loved.

  19. Chantelle Iris says:

    Father in heaven, i pray to you this day. listen to the cry of your children and may you grant them their heart desires. look upon them with your ever present love and show forth your mercy on them.
    locate any single person on here looking for a partner in Jesus name. any boundaries, any blockade preventing marriage in the life of anybody, i destroy it by the power of the blood of Jesus. i declare this day success in marriages, location of partners, and marriage bells ringing in homes.
    in Jesus mighty name have i prayed with thanksgiving, amen

  20. Harriet says:

    please for me i need a life partner from my country

  21. frances says:

    Please pray for me, I need a life partner, marriage.

  22. Nwachukwu Ann says:

    please pray for me I have be praying God for a life partner for a long time, someone we met on facebook but we have be talking but planing to see each other one on one he has even tel his mum about me which I have spoken with his mum has proposed to me.I want u to pray for me if his my bone of my bone.

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