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Whenever we (or someone we know) are sick, there’s no telling whether we might make it. Yet, when we pray a prayer for healing and believe in the healing power of Christ, we will get healed.

He said in his words that by his stripes we are healed! This is not a mere statement said to deceive us. Its God’s way of telling us that he’s with us no matter the trying times we might face. Believe he’s the only healer who can bring total healing to the sick and completely. He’s the restorer of bodies. He’s the key to your problems. Just call on him when you’re hurting. He’s able and willing to heal you. Pray the prayer for healing below.

If you need personal prayer for healing please leave it in the comment box below for us to pray for you.  Post other non prayer for the sick through our prayer request page:


Prayer for Healing

Request a Prayer for Healing

Lord, I come to you this day with all that I am within me. Before your throne of glory this day lays your son/daughter. Before your presence I lay down all my cares and burdens dear lord.  Rid me of my pain, and let my cry reach out to you dear lord.

Touch and heal me dear lord. I surrender myself to you and I avail my heart, body and soul to your healing power. You are the God of restoration, the God of possibilities. I believe you can heal me of my disease. Again, I have faith that when I open my mouth and ask from you, you are ever faithful to heed to my call. And you will answer and fulfill my every need.

I receive total healing in my entire body this day.  Let me receive divine visitation and turn over in my life this day.  Thank you father for listening to me this day. Also, I thank you for answering my prayer for healing. In my heart, I know and believe that am healed completely.

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47 responses to “Prayer for Healing”

  1. Alan Price says:

    Hello my name is ALan Price from chicago and can’t afford to.miss work;I’m suffer from the flue or first stage I’m suffering and need to support my family :please prey healing on me and my daughter who is three and wife to not get it

  2. pastorpawan sharma says:

    My friend name is Ishu he is in ICU. he is seriously injured. plz do prayer for
    him.urgently we need your prayer support.

  3. Grace says:

    Please pray for Healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,My mom was diagnose with chronic Brochitis recently,Please Lord touch my mother from head to toe,Please God every pain in my mothers body,any infection,any disease please remove it from my mothers body and heal my mother in Jesus name,Please pray for healing for my mothers lungs,please pray for healing from that brochitis,lord please strenghten my mothers body,lord please keep you protective and healing hand over my mother always in jesus name Amen A men Amen

  4. Christine Scolaro says:

    Dear Lord. I have faith you will heal my child, Allie completely from her brain issue. Thank you for your blessings and for your mother dear blessed Mary and for all who have Allie in their prayers. I love you Jesus and trust you.

    • Monica says:

      Please pray for my cat Garfield whom may be blind because I gave him a medication without talking to his vet.
      I took him to the ER vet and his blindness is due to the med.
      Vet said it is irreversibl but I believe in God that He can perform a miracle. Jesus made a blind to see, a crippled to walk and raised Lazarus from death so He can restore my cat’s eyesight if He will.
      I know there is nothing impossible for my God.
      It is not a matter of cat or person as both were created by God.
      Please pray that my cat receives this miracle.
      Thank you
      God bless you

  5. Paul says:


  6. Ken says:


  7. James sowah says:

    Am facing spiritual problems, like sickness and educational breakthrougs

  8. SIMON AMOAKO says:

    those who have HIV must stop eating cooked food,and rely on fruit and vegetable. in JESUS name .AMEN.

  9. Solo says:

    Please pray with me. I have been having chest pains over five years. the pain has increase lately. Please pray with me for total healing. thank you

  10. Kojo says:

    Praying for my father who has cancer. That God may give him the strength to go through the healing process

  11. Tanja LaPalm says:

    dear heal my disease

  12. Tendayi says:

    Hi i suffer from back and butttock chronic pain from the damaged nerves and heniated discs .plz pray for me to be not in pain and be healed completely in jesus name

  13. Barbara S. says:

    Dear Lord, Please heal in your infinite mercy my friend Sandra B.
    Give her husband strength in your love & grace.. Thank You Dear Lord

  14. Mrs Bobby Perry says:

    Please pray for my 79 year old mother, Bennie Bonham who is saved, she fell and broke her right hip and had to have surgery! Either during or after surgery she had a stroke, she is responding somewhat, not a lot, although not yet talking! I know Gods healing is there for her, and we agree with Isaiah 53 chapter 5th Verse, we need restoration to the brain cells!! Thank you for agreeing with me and my family!!

  15. Suzie Terrell says:

    I request prayers for my healing. To lesson or take away my pain. To help me they the coming days so I can get well!

  16. Linda says:

    Please pray for complete healing get for myself and my family’s health issues. I suffer from scleroderma, and my skin is turning into stone. I believe Jesus hears our prayers, and answers, as I ask in Jesus’s name! Thank you! Amen.

  17. joanne tacusis says:

    Please pray for me. I am diabetic and obese. I need to lose weight. I need God’s help.

  18. carol Commey says:

    kindly pray f or me for healing mercies. After birth of my first child, i have not been well. it has been on and off for three years now. i have spent so much on this sickness. it has not been easy for me at all. thank you.

  19. becca says:

    Hey Jason! There is so much I want to say, but I seem to be unable to put it into words right now. Since my last post, you have been through more than any normal person could withstand and yet, you are still hanging in there an fighting this! Which, when I think about it all makes me smile, because I know you and your doing exactly what I knew you would FIGHT!!! You are an inspiration to others and I know you can beat this! Your prayer warriors are here behind you praying for your healing. Like I said before, keep on keeping on Jason!!! Your my hero and I Love You! — at Ochsner Medical Center.

  20. Sheri says:

    Please pray for a special intention for healing. I pray for all of you, as well. God bless.

  21. Chantelle Iris says:

    The lord sees and hears our plights. he is never deaf to our problems. have a little faith in him and he will do exceedingly and abundantly well for you.
    go to him in prayers and seek his help in your problem. may he grant you all the healing mercies that you desire.may he heal any sickness or disease anybody might be facing. let that tumour be removed by the blood of Jesus!
    i believe in him, and he shall set you free dearest brethren.
    in Jesus name i pray, amen.

  22. neisha says:

    i pray for healing from all my pains and financial freedom

  23. jimmy beck says:

    pray for my mon and dad paul Annett

  24. Joseph says:

    My 4 yr old daughter has astigmatism in both her eyes, She couldn’t see properly, she wears glass all the time..she looks close to the books when she study..The other day she told me that she was not happy the way she looks with her glasses. she cried when she told that..My heart broke in to pieces hearing those words from that little heart..

    Doctors told that there is no permanent cure to astigmatism and she should wear glasses life long..Will God heal my daughter? I’ve been praying everyday with tears..Could someone please pray for my daughter? thankyou..

  25. DELPHINA says:


  26. Kathy says:

    Please pray for me that after 18 years of being a cancer survivor that it has not returned. And that this pain I am experiencing isn’t anything serious and that it will leave my body.

  27. nana yaw says:

    i am requesting for prayer to be said for me. i need a total healing of my whole body

  28. Carla miller says:

    I am praying for the healing of my daughter ion nose father. He has terminal cancer and I it doesn’t look good

  29. Abraham says:

    Pastor,please pray for me to get breakthrough in life.

  30. Albert says:

    I have to kids that I want to live I been feeling very ill please pary for I want to be here my family I am feeling real sick my name is albert arroyos

  31. Albert says:

    My name is albert arroyos I have been feeling real sick plase pary for me

  32. Richard Quayson says:

    It is time we face reality of life than worsening the plight of our people. If God gives us the knowledge to know that stagnant water breeds mosquitoes and we allow mosquitoes to breed and we the same people refuse to sleep under mosquito net and finally we contract malaria, what do we do? We go for malaria treatment from Doctors who have acquired knowledge in that regard by God’s or Allah’s Grace. No one says do not pray but we should apply our God’s giving right to do what is right. If we do not have money to go to hospital ,there are local remedies like the Neem tree leaves that in the olden days we boil or modern day moringa leaves you can boil and make it your tea and drink. When God was providing manna for the Israelites they were on the desert not having means to farm. Is it the same today? Let face reality and stop deceiving ourselves. God has endowed us with knowledge and let us stop relying on God for everything instead of applying the knowledge He has provided us.

  33. Uche says:

    1. That God will heal me of high blood pressure

    2. That God will heal me of waist pain

  34. Randy says:

    I’m praying that my wife will be healed of her Chronic Headaches in Jesus Name

  35. gAIL says:

    prayer fr my husband to be ….he is been sick, vomiting n stuff he was admitted n he is still nt well.

  36. Helen says:

    I need you to help me in prayer for healing. I am HIV please pray for me to get healed. I believe in God and I trust that he has healing solution for my situation.

  37. Vicki Wilson says:

    Please pray for healing for my best friend Vickie Viehe , she had tests done on her blood, and she’s having problems, she lost her little brother to blood disorder, Please pray for her and her family, she is the closest I’ll ever get to heaven, because she is such a good person, so giving and loving, she needs intervention with prayer to beat this, I will be ever so thankful for your prayers for Vickie. In Jesus Name…. Amen

  38. Carroll says:

    Pray for complete healing of prostate cancer. Had surgery but did not get a good report.

  39. Bresha Mcclain says:

    Heal my bladder/heal my body from this surgery. Thank u in Jesus name. Amen

  40. Bresha Mcclain says:

    Please pray for me. Had surgery 2weeks ago my bladder got injured. Please pray for my bladder to work again on its own and my incisions to heal.

  41. lughano Kilembe says:

    My sister has is sick, she has a skin rash on her face. I love her so much,she has tried many things but nothing has changed. I can feel her pain n desperation. I need ur prayers i believe that GOD can heal my sister and restore her face. Pray with for me as well as am search for a marriage partener. Am still single. pliz pray with me

  42. lughano says:

    Thank you Jesus for healing my sisters face

  43. Warren wong says:

    Please pray for my wife she has uterine cancer.

  44. daniel says:

    Please pray for me to be heai by HIV amen.

  45. Esther Abora says:

    Please, pray for me to heal some strange rashes that have come on my body 3 weeks ago and have made me spend my small finances changing soap, cream, pomade all to no avail. They are very itching and are rendering my skin like a crocodile skin! Very strange, I don’t know exactly what the cause is, I also tried eating fruit, but still. Thank you.

  46. Benjamin Yinsob says:

    I am currently down with malaria but I have no money to go to the hospital. Notwithstanding I know God wants to heal me but I need your prayers for healing and financial freedom/blessings.. Thank you.

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