Prayer for Healing Cancer

Do you or a loved one have cancer? Don’t be afraid, have faith in God that you’ll be all right and become a cancer survivor. Pray this Prayer for Healing Cancer with Faith. Also, ask God to support all the human effort you are putting in to get healed. Leave a reply below to encourage others and also request others to pray for your healing

Prayer for Healing Cancer

Dear lord Jesus, I want to thank you for how far you’ve brought me in my battle against this illness. Also, I am very grateful for the protection and kindness you’ve shown me and continue to show me every blessed day.

prayer for healing cancer

Pray a Prayer for healing cancer with faith

I pray committing myself into your hands father. Father, I’m asking that you heal me and completely of every cell of cancer that exists in my body. Rid me of any tumors, any cancerous cells that may exist in my body father.

Also make me whole again, just as you have created me. I pray asking that the blood purifies and protects me against any medical circumstances.  In Jesus name do I pray for divine healing over my entire body lord.

You are the only true healer that I know. Also show forth your strength in my life, and may your healing stripes restore me completely. When all done, I will forever praise and worship you lord. In Jesus name, have I prayed, Amen.

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3 responses to “Prayer for Healing Cancer”

  1. LNB says:

    Praying for my mother

  2. Raymond says:

    Praying for my father who is suffering from Colon Cancer. Maybe God give him strength to pass through this healing process

  3. Helen says:

    My mom have lymphoma cancer and she can’t walk I’m her son eric I live with her and I take care of her can you part for my mom thank you

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