Prayer for Guidance

Sometimes you need guidance from the lord in taking particular major decision in your life. You might also need guidance in your day to day activities. Kindly pray this Prayer for Guidance. After praying, you can leave a special request by placing it in the comment section below for other users to join you in prayer

Dear lord Jesus I thank you for my life. I am very grateful for everything you’ve done in my life. For how far you’ve brought me. I come before you this day praying for guidance oh lord. I humbly seek your protection and presence in my life.

Guide and guard me father against any attack directed towards me. You are the God who sees everything. The omnipresent God. Let your presence be made mighty in my life oh lord. I give myself to you. Let your divine guidance and protection be with me father.In my going in and my coming out, I pray seeking your divine direction and lead lord. In all I do, I pray asking for your support.

And when all this is said and done, I will forever praise your name, and worship you lord. Thank you for listening to my cry. Thank you for answering my prayer. I am most grateful father. Thank you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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