Prayer for Financies

Financial situations often leave us in the situation where we feel we’ve lost everything and nothing can be recovered. Our struggle in life sometimes is to be able to set ourselves free from any financial struggles we face in life and what better way to do this, but to go before our creator and seek his face in our situation. He’s undoubtedly the only one true person who can change the face of our situations when we call on him. He has the ability of turning around every impossible situation into a very possible one. Are you struggling with your financial life right now? Do you wish to invite God into this situation? Say this prayer below to turn your situation around….



Father in heaven, I thank you this day. I am grateful for everything you’ve done for me. For how far you’ve brought me in life, I am most grateful. I come to you this day, asking for your divine intervention in my life. Father, I commit my finances into your hands. I pray asking for financial breakthrough. Knowing very well that you are the bearer and giver of riches, I ask that you intercede on my behalf father.

Divine restoration and delivery of my financial life is what I pray for.  My business and job should receive a boost of financial breakthrough. It is with faith I ask that you help me recover all that I have lost in my business/ job. It is with hope that I seek your face today to help restore my financial situation.

Whatever that may be the problem causing my financial life to dwindle, I pray asking that you lord God will help fix and restore it in Jesus name. Whatever struggle I may be facing with my finances right now, I ask that you oh lord will help restore it for me. Bless me father. Bless my finances. This and many other blessings I ask in Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Adelheid says:

    Prayers for my husband finally comes home safely from being detained overseas. Please bring him to me and be together for All Eternity.

    Prayers for me daughters and their families to come back to Our Heavenly Father and reconcile with each other including me. May I be allowed to be the grandma that they want me to be.

    May I have the finances to have a good healthy retirement as well as bring the inheritance in my life.

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