Prayer for Family


Family is a very important aspect everyone should learn to incorporate into their prayer lives. For the fact that God brought us into this world and placed us in the midst of wonderful people, like our family, there’s the need to always go down on our knees and be grateful and thankful to God for their presence and impact in our lives. Do you sometimes forget to pray to pray for your family? When was the last time you included family in your prayer request to God? This should help you….

Prayer for family

Dear lord Jesus, I thank you for my family. I am grateful for their lives and presence in my life. I pray asking that you oh lord will guide and guard my family. Keep and restore them under your protection. May no harm ever befall them lord. And may your wings of protection cover them wherever they go.

I pray for prosperity, I pray for peace, love, togetherness in my family. Bless everybody abundantly. From my mother, to my father, own to my siblings. Bless my nuclear and extended family equally father, and all the people in it. Let my family be under your covering. As I pray interceding on their behalf, may my prayer reach out to you oh lord. And may you grant my heart desire for my family. In Jesus name I pray with thanksgiving, amen.

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