Prayer for Employment

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Father in heaven, I come to you this day with an open heart. I have reached a point in my life right now where I need you most. Also, I need you to intervene on my behalf and help me find a job. For so long, I have been jobless. My hopes of finding a job seems to be dashing away each passing day, and I can’t understand it father. Nonetheless, I have come to you this day; with my hopes renewed and my faith built in you ever so strong lord.

prayer for employment

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Help me to get a job father. Moreover, take me out of my misery and let your river of blessings and favor flow in my situation. When others are getting employment and taken for jobs, may I be part of them. Connect me in high places, and let my situation never remain the same father. I thank you for listening to my prayer. I have hope and faith that you will turn my situation around for the better. Thank you lord God. In Jesus name have I prayed, Amen.

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34 responses to “Prayer for Employment”

  1. Kenberly Carandang says:

    Please help me to continue my Job application in qatar airways duty free! I’ve been waiting more 2 months to release the demand letter that was requested by the agency to Qatar airways. Until now, I’m still waiting for it. I m also worried because I did not received any updates from the agency. I am ask your prayer to help me to release the demand letter so I can start my medical. I m supporting a son, Im a single mother. I really need to get this job and start to work again.. I m really asking to give me a prayer for my worries.

  2. Phiba says:

    Please pray for my career, i will be starting soon with my internship as a dentist
    Another request:- please pray for my relationship..
    I am indeed in love with one of my friend
    i have this greatest desire to be with him
    I just want God to fulfill this desire….

  3. pharamela says:

    i wrote a pre employment test so Am waiting for them to call me and I’ve been struggling to find a decent job pray for me to get this job

  4. Marlene says:

    I’m desperate for a less stressful job (teaching job at present) – the stress has taken its toll and I’m experiencing anziety. I can’t resign because of financial obligations. Could you please pray for me?

  5. Zandi says:

    I would like the Prophet and the five old ministry to pray for me….I’ve been occupying the same position at work for six years…Prophet please pray for me for God to take me to another level in Jesus name.

  6. Lyn says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray that you would please bless me with a good career in a good environment with kind, friendly and supportive colleagues and encouraging employer and supervisor. May your favour be upon me Lord.
    In Jesus Name Amen.

  7. Theo says:

    Dear Friends, Agree with me in prayer on the below.

    God when he created heaven and earth took a day to rest. My current job has a good salary and good benefits but one major downside, I have no rest, I am very miserable and sometimes thing of just quitting, but I cannot do that due to the family responsibilities and personal responsibilities I have. I am the most overwhelmed and my workload is three times some of those in the same role as me at the same salary. I am very miserable.

    Heavenly father, incline your ear to me. Your word says that the thoughts that you have towards me are of peace and not eveil, to give me hope and a future. It also says that you, Jehovah, are able to do exceedingly above and beyond all I can ask or imagine. I ask you today to grant me a job with work-life balance, good pay and good benefts. Your word also says that there is nothing too hard for me. Fight this battle for me so I can enter your Rest Jehovah so I can work and give my best as you require of me and still have balance in my life. By your grace may I get confirmation of new employment in this coming month of March 2017. Thank you Lord, the God who answers all prayer. I lay this at your feet Lord and seal this prayer with the Blood of Jesus who came that I would have life and life in abundance. Amen

  8. Lizzy says:

    God should help me to be able to deliver at my new work place. Grant me favour in the eyes of my new employers. Guide me to do the right things and teach me what to do. Help my small business to grow and give me ideas for the business to grow and financial breakthrough.

  9. Ritah says:

    Praise God..we have been competing for a data processor job with my both of us were called to go take medical checkups before appointment is done for the final successful person.I pray that tomorrow my medical examination comes out go
    od and am offered the data processor job in nilebreweries limited.Thanks and be blessed!

  10. Ann says:

    Father in heaven, your word says whatever i ask in your name, you’ll do for me. Pls Father, grant me a job. I’m tired of looking at my mother cry out in hunger. Pls help me so I can take care of her and my other siblings and also plan my life. Thank you Father because I know you’ll do more than I’ve asked in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

  11. Amulya says:

    Lord heavenly father if its your will plz give me a government job I ask u in the name of your son Jesus Christ Amen

  12. Maa says:

    Please pray for my daughter for a job. She has been unemployed for three years. She has MBA in Finance, Professional Certificate in Stock Exchange Marketing. I ask this in Jesus name.

  13. Chantelle Iris says:

    The lord will answer you all at the point of your needs. i believe so.amen!!!

  14. Donasian .P. Msarie says:

    Dear Lord please help me on this difficult time so as i may get a good job which i will have a nice salary that will make me always praise your blesses in Jesus Christ. I pray to with faith AMEN. THANK YOU LORD

  15. Griselda says:

    i request for a prayer towards my job search. May God help me to fine a good job.

  16. Yongezwa says:

    I’ve been looking for job so long without any luck I send several CVs I went to interviews bt no luck I am a mother of two.plz pray with me

  17. Andrew says:

    Pray that I win the appeal to overturn my dismissal so that i will be reinstated.

  18. Andrew says:

    I have served the company for six years in volta region so please help me out i want to counting at ashanti region to please help me i need a transfer to ashanti region please help me

  19. Beatrice says:

    Am praying and thanking God for what he has done for me. I applied for a teaching job, am believing God that I have gotten it. Am asking for a special prayer request as regards the job, so help me God.

  20. Willi says:

    Lord it has come a point in my life where i need you most. I pray that you take control of marriage ceremony coming off next month and a new job which has coincide with my marriage. IS my pray that you God lay your hand on the hiring process and the marriage. AMEN!!

  21. Harmonie says:

    Amen! Father help me to get a good job. I pray to never forget you what that job come my way in Jesus name, Amen.

  22. Obiora says:

    AMEN. I am happy that people still have faith, hope and believe in GOD through Jesus Christ even in times like this. May GOD grant us our heart desires and give us direction in our lives. Let us not lose hope. All will be well.

  23. Val says:

    Amen. I trust your word which says I shall not lack any good thing . Lord, let that miraculous and marvelous job I have been praying for manifest in Jesus mighty name amen. I will praise,worship and honor you forever Lord for your providence. You are great, good and mighty God with you all things are certainly possible, accept my praise and thanks Lord I know it is done, forever oh Lord your word is settled in heaven it is settled. Your word will not return to you void without accomplishing that for which it was sent and prospering in that for which it was sent. I believe , help my unbelief. For your word says if I believe I will receive what I am praying for, I have received it already. thank you Jesus for divine provision.

  24. Stephen says:

    Please pray for me, I need a job within the next two months, especially one located in the banking and finance industry in the United Kingdom .

  25. fredrick Victor says:

    Amen…….. Father i come to you this morning to beg and plead for another great white color job, father lord grant me another job, open new ways for me and open my eyes to see my own business that will sky rocket me to my highest level ijn AMEN

  26. Peace says:

    I am in need of a timeless intervension for a good job. I know its nort only about my qualification. Only God can do this

  27. Otitoola Obafemi says:

    AMEN. Lord Jesus,Pls help me to always Praise,Glorify and Serve you even till the end of my Life time. Hear and answer my prayers Good Lord and grant me my Heart desires. I Love you God

    • Bola says:

      I’m trusting God for a new job slightly out of my old field. Something with growth potential respect and with around the same pay or more as what I have now.

  28. cindy says:

    Please pray for me, I need a prayer for a job.

  29. Great says:

    Amen, Father, overlook my wretchedness for I’m unrighteous and unworthy to deserve any good thing from You, but i present Christ as my only plea mercy.Thanks Father,for i know you have already done Amen.Help me pray for lifetime partner, the one God created for me,i don’t want make a mistake on this.

  30. OBIA BRIGHT says:


  31. Uzo says:

    Dear Lord, please bless, establish and grow my business. You’re the only one I have and you’ve always given me all I need, please grant me good success and progress my business. Connect me with the right people and open doors of opportunities for me. I can count on you Lord. Thank you for I know that you will answer my prayers in Jesus name. Amen

  32. olly says:

    Help me pray God should give me a prosperous job as about getting married

  33. vivi says:

    AMEN. and lord, help m to always acknowledge you in all my actions after i get this job. help me lord for in Jesus Christ i pray. amen

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