Prayer for Deliverance

Dear lord Jesus, I seek your face in my situation this day. Lord I come to you from the inside of my body, soul and mind. I want you to deliver me of everything that’s gone wrong with my being. Replenish all that I have lost and restore unto me divine blessings. I pray oh Lord Jesus that you allocate and connect me with my deliverance today. Total restoration is what I ask for in my situation. Total deliverance is what I pray for in my situation. Deliver me father. Set me free.

Remove these chains from me and make me whole again. Whatever affliction I’m facing right now dear lord, I ask that you deliver. Whatever torment I’m faced with right now, I pray that you deliver me. Help me father. I seek your face in all I do. Protect and guide me. I thank you father. I worship and adore your holy name. Thank you for everything. Thank you for listening to my prayer. Amen.

4 responses to “Prayer for Deliverance”

  1. Chantelle Iris says:

    May the good lord bless you all. and may he answer you at the point of your needs. pray to him and have faith that he will cause a change in your situation today.

  2. Petuni says:

    True christians all over the world,please help or join me in prayers with faith to overcome generational curse in my family and in my life.From my great-granfathers,not even a single person made in life,be it school,bussiness,gavernment work ect.Am the only one who could strugle my way out of the SHS since the year 2011 and still in the house. Please join me in prayers ti over come the devil in JUSES name,Amen.

  3. Nathaniel says:

    there is a serious spiritual fight again me concerning our late father’s house. this has gone to the extent that a woman in the house called juliet bediako, a tenant has taken me to a fetish priest to be bewitched . now am seriously ill as a result of that. i believe God is able and He will heal me and send the charms she sent to me to be sent back to her in Jesus mighty name

  4. alvin says:

    Amen.. when I look how far av come, I give God thanks.yet as a man yet to receive God’s blessings in every area of my life dat can make a man feel happy and fulfilled, then I know I need deliverance.

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