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Education is fast evolving in the times that we find ourselves. One can even decide to take on a degree from one end of the planet to the next.   Moreover, many Online Christian Colleges have managed to provide quality education to lots of people.

Christian Colleges have helped many people in reaching heights towards developing themselves. However, our focus will be on online Christian colleges.  Many students have dreams of studying in a Christian college and we’re here to help make the right decision. In the light of this, we have put together the list of top Christian Colleges.  Also ask us any question by leaving a comment in the reply box at the bottom of the page for prompt response.

List of Online Christian Colleges

Below is a list of some top Online Christian colleges and universities that you might find helpful.

Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA)

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Source: Regent University Website

This Christian College features seven schools with a total of 56 degree tracks.  Regent University’s government and leadership degrees is amongst the world’s best. Also, the university is also highly ranked in business and education degrees. And of course, they serve the whole range of liberal arts options. In addition, Regent has been pushing the envelope with 10 years of experience in online education.

Colorado Christian University (Lakewood, CO)

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Colorado Christian University (CCU) is another good online Christian College. They outclass many colleges with its online classes. Uniquely, they have 9:1 student to faculty ratio.

Furthermore, CCU only hires Christian faculty and teaches values of the American System. Promoting a living faith among its students, the Colorado Christian University also offers aid.


University of Northwestern-St. Paul:

Online Christian Colleges

UNW is a private college providing students with a Christ centered education. Christian teachings is the root of UNW code of conduct as well as its core values.

In Addition, the experienced professors gives the students the tools needed to succeed. University 0f Northwestern has 14:1 student to faculty ratio.  Affiliates of UNW promise to provide students have the support system they need to grow in faith. The school offers eight, online or campus, faith-based programs.

Grand Canyon University

Online Christian UniversityGrand Canyon University is in Phoenix, with over 8,000 on-campus students. All together, this Online Christian University offers over 100 online degrees. Student’s complete courses one at a time. This different approach leads to greater understanding of the course materials. Classes are small and begin often by full-time faculty.

Also, as a Christian College, religion plays an important role in Grand Canyon’s mission. The university abides by a strong Christian faith and offers twice-weekly chapel services. The students can attend in-person or online.


Liberty University Online (Lynchburg, VA)

Online Christian Colleges

Source: Liberty University Website

Liberty University makes the list of our top online Christian colleges because its variety. The university carries a strong brand for online learning in an evangelical setting.  Again, liberty offers 160 programs ranging from certificates to doctoral degrees.

Not to mention, courses range from 8 to 17 weeks together with many enrollment dates. One Week long classes for non-resident students to feel the “resident” life at LU.

Work experience can count as credit hours, to speed up graduation for workers. Students also enjoy the Online Communities program designed to help stay connected.

Conclusion on these top Christian Universities

To summarize, your main focus should be on the college that offer you as an individual the most.  Online Christian colleges train people in attaining the highest level of discipline and intellect. In short, it seeks to develop and train people based on the values and teachings of Christianity.

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