Morning Prayer


Dear lord Jesus I thank you for yet another wonderful day as this one. Thank you for making me part of the living. It’s not by might; it’s not by power, but by your spirit Lord. I am eternally grateful. For where will I be if not for your grace and tender mercies?  For where will I be, if your wings of protection were not to shield me? You deserve to be praised Lord. You deserve to be exalted.  For the fact that I’m alive this morning, my soul rejoices. My soul sings for joy as I shout out praises to your name.

As I begin the day Father, I pray that you lead me through and let your will be done in my life dear Lord, and not what man wills for me. Guard and guide me in everything I do, lest any negatives may come my way this day. Let your presence fill my day, from beginning to the end, where I shall return back home, with a thankful and grateful heart.

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