Is Masturbation a Sin According to the Bible

online christian dating adviceIs masturbation a sin according to the bible? This particular topic of whether masturbation is sin is not one quite often mentioned in the bible.  In every aspect of human morality we are going to tackle it and try to weigh its whole outlook. Masturbation in simple terms can be defined as the act of arousing oneself sexually with or without the aid of specially designed sexual objects to attain maximum satisfaction.

This act is seeing being practiced by almost every group of sexually active people out there, from the youthful ages down to even married couples. Most often, people tend to believe masturbation is not sin as it does not really go against any law in the bible. There’s the belief that once this form of sexual excitement towards the benefit of one is not geared towards any violation of any moral rule or religious rule whatsoever, it does not constitute a sin. But just how true is this assertion if I may ask? Is this conclusion drawn by most people actually valid?

I don’t really know your perception about masturbation, but I think this matter falters a great deal in relation with Christians. The fact that one is not really having any direct intimate relation with the opposite sex or same sex, does not literally imply that the action of engaging in masturbation is not a sin. Do people even stop to ponder over this issue and get to view the bibles take on it? I know for most of you out there, much revealing insight into whether masturbation is a sin or not would be highly welcomed and appreciated since no one really ever talks on such subjects these days. We are going to go a little bit further into masturbation, just so we get to know if we really are committing some kind of sin against the word of God as Christians.

Is masturbation a sin according to the bible? Bible proof 1

Masturbation constitute a sin against one’s own body. Why do I say this? Now looking back into the scriptures, we are told by the bible of our bodies being the temple of the lord. In other words, we own not our bodies, but they are the dwelling place of the most high God.

Is masturbation a sin?

According to the bible is masturbation a sin?

 We have been tasked to keep it clean and holy so the spirit of God could come dwell in there. 1 Corinthians 6: 19? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
He created us in his own image, and is our creator. Like the shepherd guides the flock, so are we under his guidance. It is our duty therefore to keep his temple (our bodies) thoroughly clean at all times ridding it off any filth whatsoever (sexual immorality)! No matter how we view it, masturbation is a sexually immoral act regardless of the fact that it is practiced to one’s own body to gain sexual pleasure and satisfaction. As Christians’, we are commanded to place ourselves under the sanctity and purity of marriage! It encompasses that whole genuineness and acceptance of one practicing sexual acts without having to feel sorry, regretful or guilty of having breaking the word of God. Once you decide not to bind yourself to marriage in order to have that ‘sexual liberty’, then you are committing an erroneous sin if you masturbate. There’s no pulling yourself out of that one I tell you unless you acknowledge the fact that you have sinned against your body and against God. You’ve gone against his words and disobeyed his orders.

Is masturbation a sin according to the bible? Point 2
Masturbation is purely an act of lustful feeling and thoughts. Matthew 5:28 – But I say unto you, that whosoever

Is masturbation a sin according to the bible

Is masturbation a sin ? Here what the bible says

looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Did you know that? It sure is. What else will lead one into deciding to satisfy themselves solely without the other partner being present? For the lustful feelings and sexual attraction bore towards others, we decide we want to go ahead and engage in masturbation so as to somewhat derive and quench that demand for sexual urge that is felt towards the other person. It has always been said that whatever the mind conceives, that, it achieves which is very true in relation with engaging in mastubation. Once you begin to visualize the nakedness of someone you admire, the thought of getting to lay them down in your bed erupts. All sensual feeling pops up with you not having the power of turning this visualization into a reality.  Your next best alternative or resort balls down to masturbating and trying in whatever way possible to imagine that admired one being right in your bed. It’s all in the mind if you ask me. You control it to work and in the same manner you know so well just how to control it to a halt.

Effects of masturbation
Masturbation can lead to so many devastating consequences of which could affect the life of those who engage or practice it.  Masturbation can:
Destroy the sexual reproductive organs of those who practice it in excess. It could lead to swelling and soreness on the sexual organs due to the pressure placed on them in a bid to attain high sexual satisfaction.


Is masturbation a sin? And what are it's effects

Effects of masturbation on relationships. Is masturbation a sin to begin with?

It could diminish the sexual urge or satisfaction gained by one when they eventually get to become intimate with other people aside themselves. Loss of sex drive towards the opposite sex if you’d like to put it that way.
Spiritually, it opens a passage way inviting variant demons to take over one’s body and soul completely. Ever heard of people being attached to demons spiritually through marriage or sexual immorality? This is one of the many ways that is made possible.

One may never really be sure of what their getting themselves into when it comes to committing sexual offences that go against the word of God. Masturbation is not an issue to be toiled with and blatantly assumed as being ‘sinless’. If one truly feels the need to live a morally good life as a Christian, the right means of attaining purity should and must be adhered to. Placing yourself in the position where you get to engage in needless sexually immoral acts,  is quite irrelevant and unnecessary if you ask me. We need to adhere to the rules of the scriptures and be doers of the word. We can never really rid ourselves of impurities and filth.  If we are to say we commit no crime through the act of pleasing our bodies sexually. Of what use it is to attest and positively declare our unending faith in the Christian faith but then go back and do the exact opposite of what the Lord has asked us not to do?

What relevance is it to be a Christian yet to live in topmost filth and sin? It’s high time Christians started getting things right and setting the records straight with regards to certain practices which they have considered and recognized as being ‘normal’. The right thing needs to be done and preached at all levels in the Christian faith. Masturbation should not be encouraged no matter the level of immunity people usually assume it to bear in association with sin. Once you are a Christian, you should be able to discern and know between that which is right and wrong. We have to place ourselves in the position of rejecting the negatives in society and a subsequent embracing of the positives in society. We can never really become who we really want to become if we fail to step out of the shoes of others. So is masturbation a sin? Yes it is!

Is masturbation a sin according to the bible? was written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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  1. God bless you sisters and Brother says:

    .1peter4,4 : says ,so since christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves with the same thought for whoever has suffered in the flesh is done with sin stopped pleasing himself and the world, and pleases God. 2. so that he can no longer spend the rest of his natural life living by human appetites and desires , but for what GOD wills . one of the way to kill the lust is to suffer in the flesh by Fasting that symbols suffering in the flesh and praying . everyday when i am in fasting and praying so that GOD can change your thought …………………………

  2. Mar says:

    I agree with most of the articles, comments and sermons that I have read on the internet which support the view that masturbation is a sin based on the scriptures which address lust and need for the purity of one’s mind as a means of overcoming sexual sins. However, as I grow older and more mature and knowledgeable about human sexual behaviour, I come to the realisation that sexual desires are natural and that is why Paul in 1 Corinth. 7:8-9 encourages unmarried Christians who are struggling with their natural sexual desires to go and find a marriage partner, since the sexual desire maybe too difficult to control being single.

    Therefore the verse in 1 Corinth. is indicating that one’s sexual desire is natural and is not determined by lust or pornogrophy, or sinful thoughts. It is not fair to burden a young Christian with the thought that masturbation is sinful since he/she may decide to use this means of addressing their strong sexual desire to avoid being engaged in fornication and adultery.

    A married Christian man or woman who is away from his/her spouse for long periods because of work or even Christian ministry may choose to masturbate to avoid lustful thoughts or to be engaged in adulterous behaviour. Furthermore, a person who has had regular sexual relations such as a married couple may not even have to stimulate their genitals to have a orgasm when they desire their spouse who may not be available.

    God is all knowledgeable and he made us with sexual desires and since the Bible did not clearly forbid us not to engage in the act of self stimulation to address our sexual needs, then I think that we need to be more considerate of the single Christians whose only reason for engaging in such act is to flee from the sexual sins which have been clearly stated in the Bible. Our Father God rules us with His supreme wisdom and understanding. He knows that he made imperfect beings and therefore is not expecting perfection from us until he has transformed our mortal bodies into immortality.

    I encourage the single Christians to be more focused on serving God in spirit and in truth, and if your sexual desire is high to the point where you are being tempted to backslide, my encouragement is that you fast and pray that God will find you a partner and also pray to him about your doubts about masturbation. Since its not stated in the Bible, I think that this matter of masturbating or not masturbating while you wait for God to provide your sexual partner is between you and Him.

    Christian leaders in our desire to be high and holy even to the point of being demi-gods created some very hard rules which sometimes may drive people from God who did not make those rules. If one is not to marry nor engage in masturbation then one should be a Eunuch, not a person pretending to not having sexual desires and then in the dark engaging in sinful activities which are destroying the lives of the vulnerable left in their Christian care such as young children, the disabled.

    Our Christian walk is personal and so those matters that we struggle with such as masturbation which we are not able to find a clear Biblical statement for or against, we leave to prayer and fasting and waiting on God for His direction and answer.

  3. K says:

    Honestly, I’m still confused on this matter and I genuinely want a definite answer with good backative. I also do appreciate how this person decided to try and answer a very puzzling question for many. However, the way it was approached in this article..the tone came across as very condemning to me. It was as if the author forgot that this is actually something people are struggling with and since it is believed to be a sin, he/she should be mindful of the fact that temptation isn’t something anyone can easily get over and therefore such a topic should be addressed with empathy. Saying “Once you are a Christian, you should be able to discern and know between that which is right and wrong” is not a very empathetic statement. Not because you’re a Christian it automatically means you’ve completely navigated life. Not everything is just black and white and we too still struggle with discernment and decision making. I’m not sure if anyone will agree with my observation or even understand where I’m coming from but that’s my two pence.

  4. Fis ilu says:

    Am making 22 years old.i stumbled upon this sin of masturbate in 2009.upto now its still disturb me.i have tried to stop but i have failed.i may not do it in a given period afterwards i fail in it again.what can i do to overcome masturbation.i have moved to pastors but it doesn’t end.what can i do to stop it? Am a Christian man. I need help please

  5. Emmanuel says:

    I really need help to stop this bad habit . But can’t. I have tried several times but failed.

  6. Andrew says:

    I am a Christian and so is my family. I asked my dad if it was a sin and he told me no because everyone has done it. He read about a Christian can who said “99% of people do it and 1% lie about not doing it.” He says just the thought is a sin but I don’t think sexual thoughts and maybe that’s hard to believe but I just like how it feels

  7. Addison G. says:

    I don’t really know what to believe on this topic. I’m a teenager and I’ve been masturbating for a little bit over a year. I always thought it was ok. That it felt nice and I found myself doing it almost weekly. I got baptized recently (actually today) and I have been focused on what I can do improve myself from here on as a Christian. Only when I thought of the topic would I wonder whether it was sinful or not. I don’t want to go against God, and commit sins because of my ignorance on this. I honestly enjoy masturbation as it helps me control my hormones and sexual desires. But I would stop if it is against the word. I just don’t know….

  8. Naimi says:

    Thanks so much for your points. If must urbanism is a sin was really challenging me when I attended a prayer meeting of young adults and I said we should pray against masterbation spirit and every one was like is it a sin? I felt blown out because I knew it was a sin but I didn’t know how to defend that biblically.

  9. lashana says:

    I wonder if satan does it because i met him in the spiritual would and he was interested in me and started abusing me and then later on i called him back and he returned and stated making love to me after the abuse and i came i automatically knew the spirit was satan that abused me because he told me satan was his name and he was sexually aggressive with me. I do believe that satan is very intimiately frustrated well anyway its what i experience coming from him also his voice was very attractive so i really did not believe that the spirit was satan until he told me to say that i wanted to feel him the way he was in heaven when i heard the word was i automatically knew that it really was satan i was in front of and talking to

  10. chantelle Iris says:

    Thank you all for your comments.
    in the first place I’d like to say that, for most of you out there who see nothing wrong with the act of masturbating, that’s fine. but this site is a christian based one and it seeks at giving advice to some common issues or problems faced by most Christians. its not in any way geared towards worsening the plight of others. masturbation is an act that one can decide to stop willingly or not.
    we only try to offer our advice based on the christian faith and what is right according to it. we highly appreciate all your comments. feel free to keep checking in.

  11. kwame says:

    I thanking God of my life,am musterbation the past 22 years, now by the grace of God i stoping since last year dicember 2015 AMEN

  12. Mr Thabethe says:

    God is great, As I’m typing I feel so ashamed by this demon of which It is very hard to escape. God send us angels like you every day to save us from ourselves, I confess of being a porn addict and musterbate when ever I’m alone after watching porn. Today after reading your posts I realised that some bad spirit is using me in a very hard to quit way. I have a collection of 45gb porn videos of which I had downloaded. Today I deleted it and I’m taking it as a first step to quit musterbation. Even if some of us think it is not a sin but to me it is. We are not guiding ourselves and remember the person who wrote this might be a sinner or a killer or even a porn star but I say today the spirit of God is inside him. Let us get helped and quit this awful doings. I request all of you to pray for me to quit this thing as I have done it for many years. There are many verses in the bible to confirm that abusing sex is a sin. THANX GUYS YOU MADE MY DAY, GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  13. james gomes says:

    I am 35 was married n separated with two daughters. From the age of 15 till the time my wife left me I was addicted to masterbation. It was in 2012 DEC my wife left but i still continued to do the same. At the same time I Started going to one of the pentecostal church called “Holly Tabernacle” preached by pastor David Oladuni. My life changed after going to that church. Slowly slowly I started giving up all my bad habits such as drinking, smoking, watching porn, n even masterbating. Giving up masterbating was not easy. The more I wanted to give up the more I was tempted. But the more of reading the word of God n doing it wat really matters. Wen u gv urself to God, he starts working in ur life giving u the strength to resist temptation. Hv clear thoughts n turn away from sights that will corrupt ur mind. Today I am a single father of two daughters but I am able to gv up the habit only through the grace. The lust is gone from me but it still tempts me. But I hv overcome the bad habit n free from the bondage. Nw I am trying to fight the spiritual wives who comes in my dreams hv sex wit me n makes me wet. Most of the times I fail to resist them in dreams. I am sure God will gv me the strength to resist those unholy spirits. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Fast n pray to to put the flesh down n lift the spirit higher. Hv control on ur eyes then ur thoughts will be clear . Pray to God for help wen u r tempted. Flee from situation that will make u fall. N say it I reject u Satan go away from me in Jesus name. It has helped me it will help u also. Seek ye first the kingdom of Gos and all will be added to to. God knows wat u need. Wen the rt time will come he will once again bless me with a helper, wife or companion. I hope my testimony will help many.

  14. kwame says:

    I masturbation about 22years,am christian too i want to stop it but i cant i need help thak you

  15. Alexander says:

    Thank you very much for sharing. Masturbation not is better than…, there is no such thing as better SIN. Regrettably i was masturbating for over 10 year, i made several attempt to stop but i couldn’t.
    One day i turned up the radio, i heard a sermon on Gen 20:6 “Yes, I know you did this with a clear conscience, and so I have kept you from sinning against me”.

    It says that God Kept Abimelek from sinning, it wasn’t by his strength, no it was God at work.I believed that he will do same for me. i made conscious efforts to avoid anything that could lure me to masturbating, keeping a clear conscience, I am glad today to tell you that Masturbation is behind me.

    …Make conscious effort to avoid Masturbation and God will keep you from Masturbation

  16. Victor says:

    I thought of providing additional information about my earlier posting since I now saw a comment saying that t psi on his site were doctored. Nobody doctored my posting. The name of the Pastor that was preaching when I received the deliverance is Thomas Baloyi. I believe he came from South Africa. Mind you he was not talking about masturbation in the sermon. All I am saying is that it is anointing (power of God) that can break the bondage of this unclean spirit. Thanks.

  17. Victor says:

    I am posting this comment to respond to those who are asking for some type of help to enable them to stop masturbating. I had this problem for about 12 years, all the while trying my best to stop it without success. But something happened to me in church one Sunday in 2002. What I am writing here is my personal experience. I was sitting in church while a guest minister was preaching a sermon about spiritual warfare and how the power of God was working in his ministry to destroy the works of darkness. Suddenly I felt something leave my body where I was seating. I knew that something departed from me. Something invisible, but I knew that something left me. From day, I did not have the desires and the urge to masturbate again. My conclusion is that masturbation is a spiritual bondage that is the work of a possessive spirit of immorality. That is why people cannot stop the unhealthy habit. Consider asking a genuine, Bible believing and anointed Pentecostal pastor to pray a deliverance prayer over you. Deliverance prayers are not casual, pious prayers. But be careful, there are many preachers out there who are using the power of darkness to work “wonders”.

  18. Ogyam says:

    I m 57. I started masturbation as early as 14. I have six kids and i m still masturbating. I really want to stop I think I need deliverance to stop it.

  19. odeshie says:

    i am also involved and i think it is one hell of addiction. very difficult and almost impossible to quit. i have tried several means but to no avail. i just pray God will deliver me using sombody. amen

  20. yaw danso says:

    i just knocked one out, it feels so good… i still need a woman tho

  21. Moses Mogong says:

    if u immagine the nakedness of ur wife whilst masturbating, is it also a sin?

  22. Midas says:

    There is nothing wrong with masturbation… Sure in excess it is unsafe but there is no side effect from masturbation that cannot be gotten from sex itself… Stop deceiving people. And I believe most of these comments are doctored by the owners of this site… Considering that over 80% of Adults(male and female combined) masturbate, taking the bible out of context to justify your own beliefs is just sad

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. MAX MARVIN says:

    please help me out of masturbation cos i have heard its religiously a sin.
    av tried ma best but its still not working i even can’t tell ma own parents the situation am in(am shy to tell them)

  25. Charlie pee says:

    I av masturbated for 11 yrs and its has affected me drastically. Am now experiencing strock symptoms and sight problem, excessive back pain. And chronic stress.pls guys it’s not the best . it’s also affect u mentally. Ur ability to reason logically is diminished. U feel high affect masturbation.

  26. MENSAH says:

    Hmm great article though but i for me i think masturbation has nothing to do with sin. its better than raping or premarital sex. At least you will not get STDs look there are other sins like telling lies cheating a whole lot lets deal with those things that we do that affect people negatively as for masturbation its personal you and you alone.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I believe we have to consider the pros and cons.have we considered the health benefits.The hypocrisy among christians leave so much to be desired

  28. nana nsiah says:

    i av been in the act for close to ten years, is not an easy act to stop, i av really learnt alot, praying God will help me stop. i cant even enjoy sex with ma wife, very sad,

  29. Talawa tuntumba says:

    I like mastabation as it is sweet.but i want to stop but it doesnt work how should i do for now?

  30. Ikenna says:

    Am sorry to say it but I think you are being to religious, Your soul is more important than your body, safeguard your soul by keeping away wickedness, Masturbation is sinful to your body but be more concerned about what comes out of your heart(wickedness) as that’s whats going to send more people to any hell.Please you have to write an article on how African Christians like you can love one another truly love one another if you know what I mean. WITH THE AMOUNT OF CHURCHES IN AFRICA I WONDER WHY MANY HOSPITALS DO NOT HAVE DRUGS EVEN IF THE GOVT FAILS IN ITS RESPONSIBILITIES WHAT IS THE CHURCH WAITING FOR TO HELP PEOPLE WHEN THEY DO HAVE THE MONEY.

  31. Kodjo says:

    Madam thank you for this hard work on one of the most complicated topics of the recent times. You have done so well that you even went on to make a decree implying ‘hell’ awaits those who masturbate. But I beg to differ a little bit. I am not sure if the words of the Bible at Rom 8:1.’There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death’ is vane for those Christians who masturbate. It might have some health risks but I think has no spiritual risk. Husbands and wives also do masturbate as part of their love making union. Check also Leviticus where it says that when an issue comes out of your body, you need to undergo cleansing with water etc just as when a woman has her normal monthly issue she goes through a ritual including isolation for weeks. Is women’s monthly menstruation also sinful though it is not voluntary? You need to help us by doing more research on this the subject? Thank you for great job.

  32. Nana Yaw says:

    I am a christian married with two children. I am struggling with how to overcome masturbation which I have been practicing for some years now. I have been touched by your piece on the subject and I need help from you. I just can’t continue deceiving myself as a professed christian.

  33. Nana Yaw says:

    Thanks for your piece on masturbation is very enlightening. I am a christian and also a leader in my church but having a big challenge stopping this practice.I have tried many times on my own but has not been successful. I need help. I even find it difficult to even discuss with my head Pastor to help me out. So please help me out.

  34. samuel says:

    i am masturbating, and i wanna stop please help me

    • admin says:

      One way to masturbating is to stay busy and focus. Don’t be all by yourself in lonely places. You should also stop watching porn if you do.

  35. Lorenzo Sans says:

    i really don’t give a horses hoof anymore,i am sick and tired of this sickening enterprise.i thought having a wife was an ideal but boy was i wrong,i am more like done for,i can taste some bile in my throat now,don’t even try to council coz i could vent my spleen.

  36. Lorenzo Sans says:

    I hate masturbation like hell,however i have resorted to it now coz my Wife has suddenly changed,i was not into this stupid thing called sex before we married and when married she was always demanding for it,i had a preference for computer games to sex coz i didn’t want a situation where i would be held to ransom by by its feel,(the very reason why i avoided it till i got married,now my see something wrong in everything i do,they i sleep even irritates her,i take a ladle of rice and i am a glutton,wear a tee-shirt over jeans and i suddenly am an uncultured man.
    No more sex is it,so i had to resort to “wanking” and its also a sin…well in that case let me chop my “dick” off and leave in peace before i get torn into pieces.i know wanking is not the way out,but i am fed up with my wife and i want out,don’t even tell me about repairing it coz what irks me most was that all the 10 different men of God i prayed with before i married her told me that she was God’s choice for me,and now this pooooooooooh,i have had it.

    • Becky says:

      I was in a conference and the spirit of God moved so mightily ..God spoke to one of our administers to warn the youth against such a sin ..He quoted” if the trumpet sounds today 95% of the youths would perish in hell because of the sin of musturbation …kindly flee from it…its addictive and punishable by hell fire…See it in this way ..Ecclesiastis 12:13…states ..every deed shall be tested…I tell you ..everything we do in this world whether good or evil ..we shall account for…it will be a day of everlasting shame or joy coz Angels record our deeds every min …if not a sin ..why do one feel condemned after the act? Why dont we do it openly ..The fruits of God yields joy and happiness but a sinner is always scared even if none is after him or her….Its a Sin …let’s pray God to disconnect us from such pathetic act..Amen

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