How to Have Faith in God


Christianity encompasses that all important and really vital virtue that ought to be emulated and practiced by all followers of the religion. The aspect of faith in the life of Christians as well as its importance cannot be downplayed as it serves a contributing factor towards gaining that solid foundation, deep rooted in the religion. We all may be accustomed to the word “faith” in one way or another but might really not be vested in knowing its true meaning and a requisite practice of this act. Anyone can define faith according to their own terms and just how relevant they think it is to possess such a vital virtue as a Christian. Faith is the platform on which every Christians believe as well as hope stems from. It is the basis on which an acceptance of the teachings and word of God comes into being in the life of one. Jesus while on earth in carrying out his mission, never failed to preach on the importance of faith. Matthew 17: 20 (KJV) emphasizes on Jesus’ need for his followers to have faith, even if it’s the littlest of this act being demonstrated, it could contribute tremendously to the life of one….., ‘ And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.’

He emphasized on the need for one to have faith in all they do and with this any and everything that one envisions can be made a reality. Faith is the hope of believing that all will be well regardless of the fact that you haven’t seen any proof of things getting better. That inner feeling that gets you going, believing in your maker…..that’s faith!


Being Christians, having faith should be at the top list of everyone. However the definition of faith needs to be established so as not to confuse ourselves with that which is not. Now faith has been defined according to the bible as ‘the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’, Hebrews 11: 1(KJV). This goes to tell us the basic operation of faith. It does not matter whether you’ve seen proof of something being done by God before you get to believe that he  can really intervene in whatever problem it is you are facing…., it’s that believe you have in him even though you seem to be hopeless and all doors seem to shut at you….that’s what I call faith. The substance of thongs one hopes for and the evidence of things not seen. This means relying on God solely for ones needs and believing that he will surely come the rescue. The scriptures couldn’t have said it any better.  Faith is one thing you can’t do away with if genuinely you want to be deep rooted and committed in the religion of religion. But how many Christian’s know how to have faith in God truly and sincerely? Only few if you ask me, ever really get to display their trust or believe in God. Faith does not really need any formal training or tutoring before one can adopt the practice. In fact it’s something that comes naturally and from within.

You don’t tell yourself when to have or not to have faith in Jesus as a Christian .it’s one thing that is always with you and no matter how tough and rough situations may get you tell yourself that you can make it out successfully regardless of the trouble faced. The fact that you believe in him and entrust your life into his hands goes to prove that you have faith….genuine faith. Ones major demonstration or show of faith in God is by believing in him and his word as a whole. If we are to entrust and place ourselves in his care, then there should be that believe in us of him being there for us and protecting us from all odds. ….Acts 16: 31(KJV) ‘and they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.’ In view of this background I will like to share with you some few tips on how to get your faith up and going working for you. For those of you who would like to learn about having faith, these may come in handy too and might assist you towards achieving that goal. As I mentioned earlier on, faith comes naturally and needn’t have to be forced. Now some people may be disposed in building their Christian lives around faith, which is good, but some others don’t have much A’s when it comes to this aspect in their Christian lives. Below are few guidelines that will help you understand the whole practice of faith and how to constantly keep it.


  • The bible can be used as a powerful aid or tool if really one desires to have faith or build it. Its one book that contains all there is to know about the teachings and demonstrations of faith. Constant reading and studying of the bible, places one in the position of getting to understand the real importance of faith in the life of a Christian. It serves as a guide directing one towards the right path in leading a good Christian life, imbibing all the essential practices and principles of the religion.


  • One needs to adopt the attitude of patience. Without patience, one can never really achieve positivity towards having faith. It’s this all important factor that singles out certain people most of the time, placing them in that position of being very good when it comes to having faith in God. As humans, we may be placed in certain critical positions that render us to often doubt in the ability and potency of God. Owing to this we may feel somehow frustrated and inpatient towards requests made to him which isn’t really a good thing. We need to adopt the practice of being patient no matter what life throws at us. This is the surest way in demonstrating faith and absolute believe in God.



  • Also, one needs to build a strong, firm and solid relationship with God before they can get to have that faith they so much dream of having as Christians. By praying and communicating with him in every way possible very often makes it quite easy in getting to adopt the practice of faith. When we establish a connection with God, we unknowingly place him at the helm of our affairs and communicate our needs and insufficiencies to him. He in turn answers us in due time. Without having any relationship with God, it will be very difficult in ever believing he could do anything for you. Your faith in him is lessened more and more when you decide to draw further away from him.


  • And lastly, one needs to ask and seek earnestly from God the attitude of practicing faith. He said in his word that we should ask of him whatever it is we seek in his name and he shall answer us. If we feel heavy burdened at that point where we can’t continue in the hope of believing and having faith in him, it is at this crucial time that we need to talk to him and ask of him the strength to thrive on. When we feel we can’t continue keeping our faiths, we need to ask him to guide and direct us so we continue to keep that faith. There’s no need to feel all depressed and weak just because trying and difficult times come. If we seek his help, he’s ever ready to offer it. That’s what Christians ought to do. Our faith should never dwindle for the fear of difficult times. If we say we believe in him, then we need to let our deeds show forth. Let us make our faith stand out in all we do. Let it be a demonstration of who we are as true Christians. Christianity without faith is dead!

How to Have Faith in God Written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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