Easy Guides to Studying the Bible

Online Bible Colleges have made it possible to study the bible on the go. But you still need to have a structured way to make it easy when studying the bible.  These are a few guidelines for you:

  • You need to plan what you going to study in the first place. . That is to mean that you have to set aside quality time and a place of convenience where the studying and absorption of the word can take place simultaneously. You can even go further by drafting out a plan or guide to help you go about it. For instance, plan out what you will like to read or study each day that passes. This will enable you know just what exactly you’d be doing or reading at what particular time in the day. It’s very important and necessary if you really desire to study the bible in-depth. Our Bible School teachers did that for us by creating a study plan and providing a relaxing atmosphere.  You can do same


  • Also, you need to get a good study Bible. Without one, how can you really get to study the bible and even more get to understand some of the concepts and technicalities involved? A good bible should be one that explains and gives the word in plain and clear writings. Some Bible Versions have “difficult English” which isn’t bad, but will it help you if you are not able to understand what you are reading? If you do that’s fine, otherwise opt for a bible version that is able to translate difficult concepts or ideas that may hinder the understanding of the reader. But in all this, the bible should not lose its value of impacting the word. One should feel free to choose from the variant forms of versions of the bible that they feel comfortable with but with the mindset that they’re going to understand everything going to be read or studied from that version. Conflicting ideas and confusion at this point can be great and as such one needs to be cautious of the kind of bible they choose in studying the bible.


Studying the bible

Studying the bible

  • You need to study the words in the bible, backed with an attitude of prayer. This should be the first and foremost step in understanding the Bible. The bible and its study, demands a prayerful approach and constant meditation of the scriptures read in order to learn and understand its concept completely. The word of God is the spiritual food for the soul; it needs constant and total dedication backed by prayers. With this much discipline, I would say one is set to learn and accomplish a lot in terms of grabbing the meaning, value and concept of the bible. It is the word, therefore you need to let it dwell and work within you.


  • Seek for direction before you begin studying the word. This places you in the position of getting a complete understanding that your knowledge is of the bible cannot be complete until you have sought help from the writer of the great book himself. He’s in a better position to show you the right way towards advancing to whatever level you wish to attain in the field of learning the word. He’s the all in all, and without him, nothing great can be achieved.


  • Try joining bible study groups. There are many online bible colleges, but it can never match the feeling of physically being among  friends. This is very important as it helps you get to share ideas as well as voice out confusions or complications faced whilst reading or studying the word. It further builds ones knowledge on the word and strengthens the understanding even deeper creating a platform for the dissolution of deceitful teachings or explanations viewed elsewhere.  If finding a bible study group in your location is difficult then you can opt for an online bible college. It creates the feel of having to share ideas with groups.


  • And last but not the least, you need to adopt the habit of keeping notes from scriptures or verses read. By so doing, you get to keep much information concerning the scriptures read and studied. This serves as a guide to referrals being made any time one feels confused or faces certain diversities at some point while going over a text read. Notes are a good source of keeping ideas and concepts grabbed after a thorough study has been made while reading the bible. It guides your path in studying the bible efficiently.



Written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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