Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts

Having to deal with pain and struggles in life can push one into the thought of considering the wrong option of wanting to take their own lives. It’s during those tough moments that loved ones and family become an immense help towards ones decisions to end it all. But what are the reasons for ones decisions to commit suicide in the first place or should I rather say that what drives a person into wanting to just put a stop to their life?   Is it to escape from the realities and hardships faced in this life? Or is suicide just an end to people’s miseries which constitutes their need for it? Even though we may not get the most valid reasons or interpretations of why people decide to commit suicide, we’re going to talk about dealing with suicidal thoughts how one can overcome this situation if confronted with it at some point in their lives when all hope seem to be lost.


It may surprise you to know that findings carried out into reasons why suicide is mostly carried out have revealed that people who has suicidal thoughts do it on the basis of:

The pain and suffering experienced often piled up leading to an explosive outburst of wanting to end it all, a means of escaping reality with the much better option of choosing death over life itself,  and last but not the least, having an innermost and outermost depression often becoming uncontrollable when not properly curbed from the onset. Even though suicidal thoughts can eat deep into the life of one when they face the worst of situations, the case is not completely hopeless as one can still surge above all forms of difficulty and make it out successful regardless. For most people out there, getting help during this period could be of immense help in recovering from this moment of intense depression and frustration. But I can say for a fact that when you focus your mind on getting over this, with external support from family and friends, you will pass this phase of feeling suicidal.





If you find yourself constantly having thoughts of wanting to commit suicide…

  • You need to build and possess hope as well as faith in the fact that you can overcome your problems. It’s a personal decision you must make willingly in identifying the fact that you are much stronger than your problems. Nothing is great enough to put you down. Even though you may face challenges in the present times, it will not last forever. You need to tell yourself that! Your friends or loved ones can tell you this as many times as you will want them to, but the decision to take it all in depends entirely on you. Taking away the thoughts of suicide from your mind all balls down to the renewal of your thoughts and the general acceptance of the fact that all is not lost. This all constitutes an effective step and direction geared towards facing your fears and assuring yourself of the need to forget any possible means of ending it all.


  • You have to avoid any means of contact with objects that will aid in your suicidal thoughts. Most often than not when the thoughts of suicide creeps into the mind of one, possible items or objects that may aid in ensuring the suicide gets completed or carried out is mostly sought after. Sharp objects such as knives and blades or drugs could be used in ending one’s life. There’s therefore the need to do away with all of these, if one really wants to pass over this phase. It could seem unimportant in doing at first, but you just might not know when you get to that point of getting tempted into putting your suicidal thoughts into fruition. Get rid of these as quickly as possible. Safety first!


  • Also, you have to avoid the habit of getting glued to the intake of alcohol and drugs.  Suicidal thoughts can become even more severe when one takes in alcohol and drugs. Being under the influence of these two can cause a person to lose it completely and do stuff they’ll normally not be aware of. When you feel hopeless or empty inside, it’s not safe to abuse drugs or alcohol. It could lead you into something you not quite preferred for.


  • You need to develop new activities and interests that keep your mind off suicidal thoughts. Hobbies might come in handy at this point as it may help in easing your mind and freeing it from stress often faced. Finding and doing stuff that makes you truly happy within and without, brings the best of emotions out of you, making it even easier in getting over suicide and its added thoughts. You can still have fun and live your life just the way you want to live it. It’s not all lost I can tell you. You got to forge on. Be who you want to be and live life as it used to be. Nothing can stop this from happening…, you need to tell yourself that. Because it’s the truth and you know it.


  • Lastly, learn to deal with depression and accompanied stress in a healthy way. Develop ways and means that helps in relieving all of the excess drama you have piled up and have to carry on in your daily routine. Stress faced could arise from emotional breakdowns or work related problems or even general stress arising from some of life’s challenging fits faced often at times appearing as insurmountable and making one look defeated and hopeless. Relaxation techniques and stress relieve therapies may come in handy during these times especially when one is confronted with having to deal with suicidal thoughts. Take some time off all the hectic activities and dedicate yourself in recovering, the best way possible. Choose the healthy way in doing stuff. It shouldn’t be that hard in doing now should it? I don’t think so.


Having suicidal thoughts at some point in life may come even if one is not really prepared for it. It can be frustrating and a whole lot painful in dealing with especially if one lacks some of the basic steps and means of getting over this period. It can get tough most at times, but if one is really determined in overcoming this situation, nothing can ever go wrong in stopping the constant thought of wanting to end it all. You need to get help willingly. It should be a personal decision made purposely by you in wanting so much to pass this phase of life successfully. It’s normal to feel suicidal, especially if it seems as though the whole world is against you in some way. Life’s punches being thrown down at you can be so hard in receiving but, if you rise above the challenge and tell yourself that you are stronger than all of these, you will make it out just fine. Learn to develop the right attitude in life regardless of any situation faced. Seek help from trained specialists if possible or therapists who are well vested in dealing with such situations. There’s still hope for you. Don’t lose that aspect of you. No matter what life may throw at you, you are capable in every way in dealing with it and facing your fears. Know who you are and what you stand for.  Suicide does not end it all I tell you, it’s in fact the beginning of worst situations to arise even after you’ve managed to leave the surface of this earth.


Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts was written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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