Christian Dating Advice

Choosing the right person to share your life with can be difficult.  It is worse if you have not been dating the person for a longtime.  In today’s modern world, many relationships have started so quick with intimacy. Dating is not sinful, and must be even encouraged!  Moreover, young singles need Christian dating advice to find love Gods’ way.

Christian way of dating may appear quite different from the modern way of dating in outlook and general characteristic. It neither follows the normal routine of relationships or practices the code of conducts usually assumed by other forms of relationships.  However, any Christian dating advice should dwell on the biblical aspects of choosing a partner as well as staying in a relationship with a beloved one devoid of any immorality. Christian dating possesses diverse pros which tends to guard and guide against any form of ungodliness or a lack of ethics emanating from relationships of today. Today’s dating world defy the  upholding of moral sanctity and purity in the sight of God. Christian dating does not allow fornication practiced in a relationship before couples even get to head towards the altar.

Christian Dating Advice – No Fornication

1 Corinthians 6:18 “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” It is unrighteous for us to live in sin as two people in a relationship yet to marry. For as our bodies are the temple of Christ, we do not sin against anybody, but against ourselves. It is on this grounds that the word of God clearly speaks against any act of fornication in relationships, and Christian relationships hold this virtue in high esteem. This goes to show the upholding of sacred vows of which Christ himself made for us humans to follow. It goes further in rejecting all that modern forms of relationships stand for whereby sex and fornication is made an essential aspect of which one must oblige to before partners even get to settle down. Christian dating dwells much on principles and is ideally suited for anybody who believes in and is willing to follow these laid down rules.

Christian Dating Advice

Christian Dating Advice for young singles to date Gods’ way


Christian Dating Advice – You Should be Friends before Marriage

Christian principles reveres and cherishes the institution of friendship. It goes through the process of taking time to get to know someone, building a solid and reliable friendship with. Then you can get to that point where you two get into that state of bonding without having to do immoral things just so partners prove to each other that they truly love and care. It doesn’t go that way for Christians who wish to date.  Remember divorce is frowned upon, so marry someone who is a friend so marriage is made easy.

Christian Dating Advice – Your Relationship Shouldn’t be Boring

Aside these features mentioned about dating the Christian way, the wrong assumption should never be made in thinking that Christian relationship are boring. This is an unproven assertion which does not totally apply to dating this kind of way. On the contrary, Christianity relationships are as much fun as you’ll want them to be. It all depend on the partners and how ideally prepared they are to go about adding that ounce of spice to lighten up the relationship, without having to go against the word of God.

Of what use is to one if they end up going against the word of God and facing the consequences that follow quite terribly? A relationship can become what you want it to be without having to follow the crowd and do stuff that you quite fully know could damage your life. You owe it yourself to make that personal decision and to decide what exactly you want in a relationship. It’s not always about doing stuff just to please a partner or make them happy in a relationship. Sometimes it goes down to the fact where you need to ask yourself that “truth question” of whether you are really indeed happy in your relationship. The choice lies in your hands.


Christian Dating Advice was written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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  1. Petuni says:

    Sometimes following pure Christian advices from the biblical perspective wouldn’t relate to now. I not saying you shouldn’t be dating God’s way. Just use common sense to know who you’re going in for

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