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Antichrist Signs: A sign of prophecy being fulfilled

I had vision about the antichrist I had 3-16-15. It started off with my mother and I standing in line at this church that sits on  the water.  Million of people were here we all came to see this man they all felt that he was the messiah. However, he was the Antichrist. Just like the...
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How to Deal With Depression

As human as we are, sometimes we are tasked with diverse shortcomings which either proves us as being somehow weak or incapable of handling certain situations in life. Christians tend to have this mentality that as part of being who they are and having that unique relationship they have with God places them in the...
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How to Stop Drinking Alcohol – Four Easy Steps

There’s never an easy way of how to stop drinking alcohol, and whenever I hear people talking all negative about people who drink and how they don’t want to quit drinking, I become a bit rather sad. This is not because I see the issue of drinking as being beneficial or something near  that, but...
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