Bible Quiz Trivia With Questions and Answers for Kids and Adults

bible quizTest your knowledge of the Word of God by Taking a Bible Quiz. You can jump to any level but we suggest going through level one until the end. All questions comes with multiple choice answers. At the end of the quiz, you’ll see an instant scores with the correct Answers! Good Luck with our Bible Trivia’s.

Trivia Bible Quiz – Level 1 


Sample Question: Which day did God rest during the creation?

This trivia is for kids and adults who are being introduced to the Bible. It includes fun questions with multiple answers to pick from.


Beginners Bible Quiz – Level 2


Sample Question: Joshua was the son of …

This bible quiz is for children and adults who have the knowledge of Gods Word for a while. The questions are tricky and fun to answer. At least if you know 3 out of the ten commandments this level is for you.


Intermediate Bible Trivia – Level 3


Sample Question: Who went in to ask for the body of Jesus after his crucifixion?

Have you read the Word of God for a year or more? Or you have a read most of the popular bible stories? Then try your hands on these. If you can remember 5 out of the ten commandments then you’re good to take this bible trivia. There’s no harm in trying anyways.


Advanced Bible Trivia – Level 4


Sample Question: Abraham is to Sarah, as Aquila is to…

Think you know the Word? Test your pulse. This level is generally for people who read the Word of God actively. You should be able to know 7 out of the ten commandments and about 6 out of Jesus’s twelve disciples. The quiz is super fun.


Expect Bible Quiz – Level 5


Sample Question: Where was Moses buried after he died?

Are you an aspiring preacher? Or do you plan to go on Evangelism? Do you know bible verses by heart? Then you’ve got to know how to use your tools. Take this bible trivia and see where your game stands.


Purpose of this Online Bible Quiz

The objective of these Online Bible Trivia is to achieve the following:

  • For you to test your general knowledge of the Word of God
  • Opportunity to learn new things in the Bible since answers to questions will be given
  • It’s also fun! Scoring low in this the Bible Trivia does not mean you don’t know the word of God. The most important thing in Christian life is living the values of Christ.

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