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Prayer Request for God’s Blessings, Healing and Family

Request for Healing

I'm requesting a prayer for my sick sister who resided at London. I trust that when you prayer for my sister, she will get heal. Amen ~ Joseph  

Prayer Request for Healing

I making a prayer request to heal us from Neck / headache, prostate problem, fever and financial breakthrough for both me and my...
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Prayer Request for Safety, Healing and Financial Freedom

Prayer Request for Safety and security at work and for my family

I work as a university teacher. I experience cyber bullying through text messages. The messages are too bad. They are aimed at eroding my confidence, destroying my image and my family (married with 4 kids). Planned accidents that failed.  Occulted, satanic codes and altars....
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Multiple Prayer Request

  • That God should heal me of a back pain that started three months ago ~ Adefila
  • Pray with me to get a Good Job ~ Christopher
  • l needs a prayers for my Ducoments at H/O , SO that I will be granted right to leave in UK ~ Danny
  • Prayer request for Children, Husband and Relocation and healing...
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Prayer Request for Gods Intervention

Please I sincerely need Gods’ intervention.  My two brothers and I wrote exams and I want God to let us pass the papers. I want God to let me get money and establish business. I want  God to heal me from romatism. I want God to protect my family and I all the time and also...
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Prayer Request for Appointment Letter

I have attended some job interview for the past one month.  Even though I have been assured of positive response, I cannot put my trust in human beings.  I therefore request prayer from your team for the favour of God for me so that by the close of the year, I shall receive my appointment...
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How to Deal With Depression

As human as we are, sometimes we are tasked with diverse shortcomings which either proves us as being somehow weak or incapable of handling certain situations in life. Christians tend to have this mentality that as part of being who they are and having that unique relationship they have with God places them in the...
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God is Faithful

I have always heard people say ' God's love is so deep'. Often, I brush this aside, because the phrase is so banal. But like me, you need to experience His goodness to, to really know His goodness and faithfulness. I have been very stubborn in my relationship with the Lord. But in spite of it...
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How to Stop Drinking Alcohol – Four Easy Steps

There’s never an easy way of how to stop drinking alcohol, and whenever I hear people talking all negative about people who drink and how they don’t want to quit drinking, I become a bit rather sad. This is not because I see the issue of drinking as being beneficial or something near  that, but...
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I Escaped a Lot of Deaths

Praise God! Another year has been added to my years and by the His grace and thunder mercies I have escaped a lot of deaths this year. I also bless the name of the lord for the covering over my family....
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How I Found Peace and Rest

My life before i came to know the Lord was not very pleasant. I was born into a christian family so fulfilled all my obligations at church and in the house. However, deep down within me,i knew something was missing. The past hurts and pains i experienced while growing up clouded my mind and so... 			
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