Prayer for Friendship and Marriage

Please continually pray for my Christian friend Traci, she lives in Dallas. I am thankful for our friendship and wish that we become even closer and better friends.

At the moment our friendship could be better. I feel like  have asked too much of her lately. I don’t want to lose her as a friend, please pray that we will have build and maintain a good relationship. In general that I may have good relationships with people around me.
Part of my family is going to Paris this Tuesday till Friday. Please pray that they will get to know Jesus and be save and fine. Thanks in advance.

prayer request for friendship and marriageAlso for me please continually pray because I’m working through some trauma’s of the past and I am studying. I also need more and better finances. The most important to me right now is, please continously pray that I will do and continue my study well.

Thanks so much in advance. And please pray for me to get a love relationship and get married and get a family of my own. I would be really thankful for supporting me in this way


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