Prayer Request for Myself, Friends and Family

Healing for Amber, her Cousin (bad car accident). She is in a brace for the next two months. Lets prayer for spinal healing and healing with her whole body (as she already uses a oxygen tank). Pray that she would make a full recovery and be back to serving and praying for young adults.

Prayer for Josh (bad car accident) Ashley Grant. (lost father over Christmas break to suicide). Cassandra -healing for left leg and right arm and body from motorcycle accident. Help both Ashley and Cassandra have funds to get the medical care she needs and the burial expenses and house expenses covered.

Thankful for Debbie and her new husband Mike!

Pray that she would be able to get the insurance she needs. The doctor visits and meds she needs, the grants for her project and the extra $400 a month she needs to cover bills. She should be able to fulfill plans and take better care of herself. both emotionally and physically. She would be able to deal with the education system and issues with Poly college.

Pray for Cameron and his wife Kindal.

Their marriage and relationship, his struggles with addiction/halfhouse/jail and the ability to be fully released to do his calling of music and teaching.  Heal Kindal’s heart and help them have a healthy relationship. Heal Cameron and help him find healing mentally to break these bad patterns permanently.

Pray for the Salvation of Amber, Lili M, and Andrew.

They need a great deal of healing physically, mentally and emotionally and they need help financially. Help both Lili and Amber with school and work. Help Andrew with deep religious wounds and grieves and help him with relationships. He should know who God made him to be and that they would be surrounded by a support network of healing and hope.

Pray for the Salvation of Israel and melinda.

That God would build up our relationship so it would be deep and vibrant. Open the doors for great communication via facebook. And that many people would share the love of Christ where they are (Bali and Australia). Melinda will be coming down  to visit friends and see family.  Pray our schedules work out and that we would get to spend a day together talking and having fun. Maybe going to the faire together. (I want to give her the card i got her too).

Help me and them have a vibrant two way relationship of care and concern and joy. Take away israel’s desire for tarot reading and astrology and replace it with Love for God’s gift of Prophesy and the works of God. Bring salvation blessing and safety to shannon and Giles as he travels and she lives her life.

Heal Both of my sisters Lisa and Jessica in their health. In addition, Heal Jessica vocal cords and voice so she can talk well and sing again. Heal lisa and help her deal with kevin ( her ex) and court issues. Please God help her with the kids and that patrick and bridgette’s heart would be softened so he would be reinvited to christmas dinner again. Help her stop smoking, handle the pressures of working two hospital jobs, and dealing with her kids

Heal my mom and dad

Let dad continue to recovery from the 4 month of emergency and hospital medical care he had last year. Find a way to pay for all that and medical care this year to hopefully reattach and heal his intestines so he doesn’t have to wear a bag for the rest of his life. Heal him and Help mom with work and her own health and stressful work in law and her own health issues with her eyes and possible optical strokes and blood pressure issues.

Heal my Aunt linda’s eye issues and all the Surgery that my uncle had on his Leg and in his life to.  In Addition, Help me spend more time with my cousins lauren and Daniel as welll. I want to do that. Heal Jason my brother emotionally and with his trials at the fire department and hospital. Help him have friends and joy in his life.

Pray for Healing for me in memory and mind

That i would be restored spiritually. That I would be able to manage the kids at work and all the centers i visit this year as a sub teacher. Pray that the holy spirit would bring my creativity back to life and my spirit would be renewed.

Also, I would feel Gods presence, direction, and find wholeness in my life. Help me with exercise/weight loss, and heal all that is broken and find all that is lost. Help me ride my bike and be active socially and have deep meaningful relationships with family and friends. Restore old friendships like keith and steve croy  and help me build relationships with max and danielle. Help me make new friends with people at watermark church.

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