Testimony for Being Released from the World of Demons

It was around Christmas of 2012,
I entered into my personal hell.
The theme to this season was called “Tortured”.
This is where I was introduced to the world of the demonic.

They entered as a polite ghost,
Leaving handprints on the mirrors and windows.
Objects in the house were beginning to move.
I thought I was going crazy.

In the dead of night, the sounds would begin.
The banging, thumping and tapping on walls.
It would always start at 3 a.m.
The haunting hour I called it.

If that wasn’t bad enough,
In came the physical attacks.
The pulling of my hair and scratches on my body.
It was a daily event for two years following.

Depression and fear were the songs I sang.
I wished the Lord would intervene.
Why I didn’t give up was my faith.
I knew God had a plan yet still crying to be delivered.

One thing I learned how to do was fight.
I became a warrior against the enemy.
The name of Jesus and his authority were my coat of armor.
Victory came when fear no longer ruled my life and understanding it was in Jesus only and nothing in my strength.

Today, I rest in the knowledge of God’s grace and mercy.
I stood in the fire and learned I was going to be used for God’s glory.
Now I have knowledge in how to help those tormented by the devil to give them the same Good News…
The devil was defeated and Jesus won!

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