Testimony for Overcoming My Vice

“The Battle”

Once upon a time in life,
I struggled with a deadly vice.
It controlled me in so many ways,
I prayed that God would take away.

The devil told me He had won,
The demons cheering victory songs.
I felt that I would lose my mind,
The thought of suicide I would hide.

I wondered why God wouldn’t help.
He was silent when I’d shout.
Memories haunted in my mind,
The darkest days of my whole life.

I hit my knees to pray again,
This time surrendering all to Him.
I could feel His loving arms,
Hope restored, all fear now gone.

I asked Him why it took so long,
To save me in my raging storm.
He gently answered and replied,
“I was always with you by your side.”

Submitting to His will, not mine,
Deliverance came when I complied.
Now I share with those that struggle,
Trust in Jesus, He’ll be faithful.

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