The Power of Believing, Having Faith and Breaking Medical Abnormalies

I was not born a Christian in my country  I came here and got to know Jesus and the truth and power of his word. I got married and got pregnant and it was not an easy pregnancy health wise. and then my pediatrician said I am going to have a baby that will not grow normal mentally and physically.
That day when the dr. said that, it was a supernatural moment in my life just knew he was not right I did not think he was lying I just knew my child will be normal I never entertain the thought of how would that baby look like being abnormal physically and Mentally. I even had a good talk to God the moment I left the clinic . I was on my own on that elevator and I was talking to God . I told him the audacity of that Doctor to say my child will be abnormal, I told God you never give any gift that is a defect , Your word said that we who are sinners know how to give good gift to our kids how much more to you our father in heaven to us. At that time I thought everybody in America are Christians.
So when my child was born my husband then and I were watching our child grow and perfect, physically , mentally etc. he can learn anything he put his mind on.
So, my point is the faith to believe is to see what we believe in our mind through the holy spirit that is in us. which is the opposite of seeing the other side or opposite of faith through what Satan would want us to see. To see thing through the eye of God.

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