Testimony to God for Restoring My Relationship

My Testimony is about my Ex Boyfriend and us two breaking up and by Gods grace
us two getting back together! 
Sometimes it felt like God wasn't working or God was doing nothing because 
for 2 years there was no improvement.

BUT I promise you God works with people's hearts, what had happened between us two was 
so impossible and God fixed everything.
PLEASE whatever your wish is, in the bible it doesn't say 'no' Gods answer is simply 'yes' 
or 'wait' Just Trust God please. Keep Praying ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

At times I felt like giving up too but don't worry if someone can create 
the entire universe by himself your wish isn't too hard. 
Trust his timing and Satan works in many ways, but remain true to God

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24 Responses

  1. My ex and I broke up about half a year ago, yet every day feels like it was just yesterday. I’ve prayed fervently for healing and have been trying to improve on myself as a person, but I still have this lingering feeling that he will come back. He said that he is looking towards the future and focusing on himself, then later ghosted me, and finally blocked me after I asked him to. We haven’t spoken in almost three months. I was bad to him and let my temper and insecurities get the best of me a lot so I understand. We did everything together and were supposed to get married. I’ve thought about apologizing to him many times and prayed that God would heal our broken relationship, but I don’t see any clear signs. I still cry over him and miss him every day. I pray for God’s strength and guidance, but still feel weak and aimless. I’ve exhausted all my friends and family’s patience from talking about it so much. They’re still nice about it, but I feel bad. Some days I feel great and think I’ve been healed, but I always end up going back to this state of despair. I don’t know where else to turn. I am so tired.

  2. Hi guys, my fiance left me January the 13th this year, what a Friday the 13th it was for me. We have a beautiful son together and he has a good connection with both of us. I found out that a woman was jealous of our relationship and used what we call in South-Africa sangoma’s (witchdoctors) to tear my family apart, it happened in one month she got what she wanted and broke a happy family apart. How do I know this? I went to see 3 different people and they gave me the same precise bad news. But then I decided to turn to God who I kept aside for years, not giving him that space in my family and home and I realized how selfish I was to never let God be apart of our relationship, I never read a bible, I never prayed to God and thanked him for my wonderful family and that is where Satan got his gap, he teared apart my family and still today he is trying and trying, but I have learned to resist him and make him flee, not making him feel welcome at all, because he is a liar, destroyer and will stop at nothing to keep on destroying where he gets the gap. I have made the devil understand that he is not welcome in my family and home anymore, I have started to create my own war room closet(excellent film by the way) and I will fight spiritually and not give up on my family, the man I love will be saved from the manipulative person who is sent by satan, I pray that God will save her as well, God is the only judge who can judge her. I just know my family will be reunited when God decides the time is right. I will fight and keep on fighting until God gives me an answer. God is giving me the power to fast as well, which makes me feel more close to him. Good luck to you guys, and remember God knows everything we want, he is just waiting for us to start praying and getting closer to him, always trust him, good times and bad times.

  3. My current boyfriend and I have been so up and down lately. I pray to God, I hope that he can find it in his heart to be devoted to me again. I’ve just been feeling neglected and so sad. I can’t walk away, I just know he’s the one for me. I just pray the love in his heart magnifies for me.

  4. Jan

    My fiance broke up with me last month; We were about to get married in 10 months. I was so broken. He said he couldn’t stand my attitude and I stepped over his pride. I tried to save the relationship but he doesn’t want to talk and said that he made he’s decision. But during our last talk I can feel that he still loves me. During the whole month of no talking I become closer to God. I realized that the missing piece in our relationship is God. There was this one night when I poured my heart out to the Lord and asked him why’d it happen.. then I saw this prayer in front of me.. the serenity prayer.. God wants me to accept the situation and have the courage to change myself. He wants me to surrender to His will and he will make everything alright. I am now taking the breakup as a challenge to fix ourselves before marriage. I just have that feeling that we will get back together. I’m praying for it. Whenever I’m missing my ex, and I try to text him, and he doesnt respond, i get hurt. But i realized that that’s the devil shaking my trust in the Lord.. so now I’m patiently waiting for the right moment that God planned for us. I know it’ll happen, I am trusting God’s promise. I will not interfere anymore, I know God is already working. And the amazing thing is whenever I ask answers in the bible.. all I’m getting is “God will answer my prayers” and He will restore and bring peace… I’m praying that soon my fiance will be healed too and know that God is fixing me.. so when we get back together we are both fixed and we will love each other with God as the center of the relationship.

    • I am trusting God in Faith with you Jan, you will testify

    • Jan I am in the same boat as you. My ex and I had been together for six years and and in April of this year he decided to breakup because he didn’t feel we got along because I would be honest about his life situations. First I love him with all my heart and apologize over and over for be so honest about his financial situation to him. He’s older than me and I told him he needs to get his life together. Ever since April we talked and what look like it seem we would get back together he would go back to saying we don’t get along and I would be so hurt and then he would block me. But then he would unblock me. But we hadn’t spent time together since march. August he told me he was done trying and he didn’t want to get back together I was hurt and angry. I but I never would give up. I pray to god every day. Recite faith scriptures and everything. Today I texted him and he was so mean to me and didn’t want to talk to me and blocked me. I’ve been crying all day because I don’t want our relationship to be over. All my friends are saying it’s over and I need to move on. I feel defeated upset. Upset that god didn’t answer my prayers. But after reading your post. I feel I need to increase my faith in god. Please pray for me and I will pray for you

    • Oh dear, that’s very bad I was once in that kind of situation and I found a Dr who helped me out named Dr Bolingo

    • I’m praying you two are fully restored and I know God hears your cries and prayers! I know how it is, I’ve been there too! I’m praying for you both!!:)

    • I am with you dear, My boyfriend broke up with me too this last July 2017 and were planning to get married next year. I couldnt change his mind, I beg plead and all that stuff nothing ever happened. My faith is shaking but I realize it was a devil only. If you believe that he is the one continue to pray for your ex Im gonna pray for your situation too sweetheart. Remember to seek God’s love first. Nick Vujicic an Evangelist once said, if youre not happy single with Christ youre not going to be happy being married. Seek God’s will and be true to God how you feel ❤️

  5. I pray daily in tears for God to soften my exes heart and to heal his pain that I and his past have caused him.
    We have now been separated for 9 months and have just recently found out in May that we will be expecting our second child in January. I have had our first child fully with me and in my care, which I never thought would happen , but it’s shown and taught me a lot about myself. I pray for restoration for us to become one again, and to raise our children as a family God would want.
    I never put God first during our relationship and I didn’t realize how selfish I was. I now have given myself and full trust and faith in God and have let him guide me.
    When I found out I was pregnant I was scared. I prayed to God and asked why now? I then said “God, I give myself and trust you fully. You planned this baby for us and I trust your plan”! Not knowing what this plan will be , but I pray and he keeps me at peace. I pray he softens my exes heart and allows me to repent to my spouse of my wrong doings and ask for forgiveness. I haven’t given up hope on us and I continue to pray even though tears fall continuously. I know God is doing his work on my ex to bring him closer to God. And I can’t be more thankful and happy about that.
    I pray that he makes us both better people that put God first so we can one day reunite and live through God as a family!

    • Amen! Prayers for you!

  6. My boyfriend and I seperated after being together for 1 year. After our anniversary, the relationship got surprisingly rocky. He decided that he needed space. Now during our 1 year together, we spent alot of time together,we prayed together, cried together, we did praise and worship together and went to church and etc. We were so connected, I could tell when he wasnt having a great day and send him bible scriptures to help him. We talked about marriage and things were moving along quite well. We almost never had arguements. We had disagreements. But that was rare. He did have some communication issues, but I was willing to work through that. He literally became my bestfriend. After we hit a year, my bf started feeling like he needed to spend time alone with God. It hurt me but I allowed him to get the space he needed. He then recommended counseling, We went to our church christian counseling and met with a minister who also was a counselor. After about 15 mins in the session, I could feel the vibe in the room shifting. He stated that he feel like he lost himself because he was investing sooo much into our relationship (something I never knew) I was in total shock. The counselor then asked what he would like to do and he told the counselor that he just wanted to focus on his relationship with God right now and re find himself. After we left, I was devastated. I mean I was happy to know that he wanted to fix his relationship with God but I never knew he was broken. I felt like my world had turned upside down. He then told me that we wasnt breaking up but he just wanted to make sure that this is what God wanted for him. So for 9 days I didnt hear a word from him at all. I felt like my heart was being cut with knives. I had been trying to give him the space he needed but I didnt understand why he havent contacted me. So after the 9th day. I called and the attitude I received was heart breaking. He was treating me like I was a nobody to him. So I asked him did he know whether or not we were going to move forward and he said he wasnt sure that he wanted to be with me. and that I could just do what I had to do. My heart dropped. During this time, I’m constantly praying and crying out asking God how could this have happened. A month after this. I realized that this break wasnt just for him but for me. Was I putting faith in my bf or in God? Was God first in my life, like I thought he was? the answer to the both of those questions was no. I was placing faith in my bf, and when I was with my bf, God wasnt first ALL of the time. So I started repairing my relationship with God, I prayed for restoration with my BF but I focused more on just trusting God. I saw no progress so I decided to end it after 2 months of no progress and attitude. I decided to LET GO AND LET GOD. A week after that I texted him a goodbye message and told him that I loved him but right now our season had ended. If God see it in his plan to reconnect us, then he will. I was at peace with my decision. A week later, I started to think If I had given up on him. The next day, I woke up wanting my BF back and the desire to fight was back. I had no idea where it came from because I was so content with my decision. So I prayed and asked God according to his word in MATTHEW 7:7, he says to keep asking and you will receive what you ask for. So I prayed that prayer and it wasnt even an hour later and my ex bf called me. I was in soooo much shock as I havent heard from him in weeks,but I didnt answer the phone. He then called me again, and I couldnt answer it I was shocked at how fast God moved. I started to ask God, was he really from him? But that was wrong, I asked and he called (the answer was in my face). So I called him back but he didnt answer. So at this very moment, the fight is back and I’m trusting God no matter what, however, I realized that I had to walk away so that I could put faith in God, and to allow him to work on my ex without me interfering. The key to this is prayer, putting God first and not allowing my entire prayer life be about my ex bf. I was reminded that God is enough and even if we didnt come together, I would still be ok. I’m still believing that restoration is gonna happen. I can feel it. Pray and just trust God.

    • Hi Nita,
      How are things with you now?? Read your testimony.. I am in a similar situation.
      Prayers for you!

  7. Wow, I feel the same right now,I am not alone. My 3 years ex boyfriend broke up with me last March,I feel so weak and hopeless. I pray day and night ,cry out to God, begging to His mercy, I always pray that God would change his heart and know God,that God would restore our relationship and make all things right,I am so down right now because we have a daughter and our daughter is in his custody since his mother is the one who takes care of our baby because we both have to work. We’ve been in so many trials for three years,we fought almost everyday for three years because of our personality differences ,misunderstandings, selfishness,money,family issues,insecurities,etc. Inspite of the break up,I still love him eventhough I hate him smoking and watching porn, I can’t change him,and I am almost giving up these past few days until I came across this,thank you for your testimony,I believe in God that there is nothing impossible,I will continue to pray even if our relationship is too impossible to restore,I believe in God’s promises even there are times I’m losing faith in my hopeless situation.Thank you dor this.God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

    • It’s been really inspiring and uplifting to read this page, it’s comforting to know when praying for restoration of relationships we are not alone, I was just wondering if you had received any clarity from God and if you where still going through the battle

  8. God definitely is busy changing me into a person to be more closer to him. My relationship was infected by a jealous woman who used people to help her perform black magic and demolish my relationship with my fiance, which we have a son of 5 together. God has helped me through and in my heart he has told me day by day that I should not give up I should have faith and leave it in his has as my body is not made to handle this on my own. I know what God is telling me in my heart, visions and dreams. He is speaking in so many ways, and I will never go a night without praying to God for restoration of my family’s relationship. I have to be honest, I was so angry with God, I hated his word, but he showed me the way to him and wanted me to fix and restore a relationship with him first and I am fully surrended to God, and have a calling to fast. So I am going to fast for God wants me to. And I know God will bring us together as a family when he knows the time is right and when the man I love will has turned to him and realize how his family was broken up. I forgave what happened and I feel so much better. God is great!

  9. Cee

    Thank you for sharing. I have been with my boyfriend for 8years now and our relationship is so broken. For the past year things just went from bad to worse and even though everyone around keeps telling me to let go I believe in God for a miracle and have seen been praying for restoration. I am praying day and night for my ex boyfriend and that he may find his way to Christ. This post has lifted my spirit as today is one of those days where I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I know God is able and he will do it me. Amen

  10. I really needed to hear this. I’m been praying day in and day out for The Lord to restore my relationship. I feel so discouraged sometimes but I’m not gonna stop praying and hoping. I know anything is possible with him. I’m so happy that things worked out for you and I pray that it all works out for everyone else going through this. I believe in Gods miracles. I won’t stop praying.

    • Do not give up on the power of Prayer. I have asked Christian counselor’s & Pastors if I was being “selfish” in asking God to heal and bring my relationship back together.
      They told me that I could pray for the desires of my heart like these things, but when it comes to my ex to Pray for God to reach her and for her to surrender and seek him first.
      This was the main issue of our relationship. Not looking upward to God in a triangle, as we look to one another and receive God’s blessings.
      I continue to Prat for her walk with God and also express to the Lord my desire to bring us whole again.
      Today, my ex girlfriend brought me to tears text me how she has surrendered to God and feels “joy and alive” and “always should have devoted herself to the Lord as she is doing now.”
      She vows to not stray from this devotion again.
      I am on the same walk with God and share her views.
      Will we get back together? God only knows that answer.
      But I can say that I am seeing him work through my Prayers in her life and mine and forming what could be a fresh and wonderful relationship if we are to reunite and give it all to the Lord.
      My Prayers will be even more often, and continue to reach out to her through God’s grace.
      I will not stop believing in her and the power of God, and his purpose in my life.
      Do not give up on Prayer.
      Continually give your requests to the Holy Father and pray for your ex.
      God can do miraculous wonders.
      I saw a glimpse of that wonder today.

      • I am happy to hear that. I am praying for A rebirth of a freash rerrelationship with my Boyfriend. I will never call him my Ex because he isn’t and would never be, I see him as the father of my children, I pray for God’s wisdom to understand him, be emotional stable and stop being selfish, to him.

      • Thank you for your testimony, my heart is broken but I will never quit praying

  11. Really happy to hear that, I am praying to God to save my broken relationship too! Please help us almighty God 🙁

  12. Such a wonderful Testimony, it beings more strength and hope towards people like us, having impossible dreams to meet in the relationship. I will not give up on my prayers, i will keep praying for long! I will keep struggling for long. I believe God will do the miracle! In Our powerful Jesus name .Amen!

    • You are seeking help from the greatest mender, counselor, friend you could ever direct your focus on- God.
      One who can move mountains, part seas, breathe life, can easily restore your relationship.
      Remember that, continue to Pray and….
      When you love someone-don’t give up. Ever….

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