Testimony to God for Restoring My Relationship

My Testimony is about my Ex Boyfriend and us two breaking up and by Gods grace
us two getting back together! 
Sometimes it felt like God wasn't working or God was doing nothing because 
for 2 years there was no improvement.

BUT I promise you God works with people's hearts, what had happened between us two was 
so impossible and God fixed everything.
PLEASE whatever your wish is, in the bible it doesn't say 'no' Gods answer is simply 'yes' 
or 'wait' Just Trust God please. Keep Praying ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

At times I felt like giving up too but don't worry if someone can create 
the entire universe by himself your wish isn't too hard. 
Trust his timing and Satan works in many ways, but remain true to God

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  1. Cee

    Thank you for sharing. I have been with my boyfriend for 8years now and our relationship is so broken. For the past year things just went from bad to worse and even though everyone around keeps telling me to let go I believe in God for a miracle and have seen been praying for restoration. I am praying day and night for my ex boyfriend and that he may find his way to Christ. This post has lifted my spirit as today is one of those days where I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I know God is able and he will do it me. Amen

  2. I really needed to hear this. I’m been praying day in and day out for The Lord to restore my relationship. I feel so discouraged sometimes but I’m not gonna stop praying and hoping. I know anything is possible with him. I’m so happy that things worked out for you and I pray that it all works out for everyone else going through this. I believe in Gods miracles. I won’t stop praying.

    • Do not give up on the power of Prayer. I have asked Christian counselor’s & Pastors if I was being “selfish” in asking God to heal and bring my relationship back together.
      They told me that I could pray for the desires of my heart like these things, but when it comes to my ex to Pray for God to reach her and for her to surrender and seek him first.
      This was the main issue of our relationship. Not looking upward to God in a triangle, as we look to one another and receive God’s blessings.
      I continue to Prat for her walk with God and also express to the Lord my desire to bring us whole again.
      Today, my ex girlfriend brought me to tears text me how she has surrendered to God and feels “joy and alive” and “always should have devoted herself to the Lord as she is doing now.”
      She vows to not stray from this devotion again.
      I am on the same walk with God and share her views.
      Will we get back together? God only knows that answer.
      But I can say that I am seeing him work through my Prayers in her life and mine and forming what could be a fresh and wonderful relationship if we are to reunite and give it all to the Lord.
      My Prayers will be even more often, and continue to reach out to her through God’s grace.
      I will not stop believing in her and the power of God, and his purpose in my life.
      Do not give up on Prayer.
      Continually give your requests to the Holy Father and pray for your ex.
      God can do miraculous wonders.
      I saw a glimpse of that wonder today.

  3. Really happy to hear that, I am praying to God to save my broken relationship too! Please help us almighty God 🙁

  4. Such a wonderful Testimony, it beings more strength and hope towards people like us, having impossible dreams to meet in the relationship. I will not give up on my prayers, i will keep praying for long! I will keep struggling for long. I believe God will do the miracle! In Our powerful Jesus name .Amen!

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