Prayer for Marital Breakthrough, Employment and Exams

Prayer request from Isaac:

Am a 23 year boy who had a desire to join the army with the motive and a good heart of helping the needy especially the blind because back in High School I  sometimes visits them and  I  find it great to help them so  I  prayed to God and he heard my prayer after a thorough selection of about 27 thousand plus people applying and  I  was selected to join the service.

Great blessing from God he has protected me through the difficult two months on training grounds and as am chatting  you we have been asked to come to the house for Christmas break, but as we came it was on the media that we have been sacked from training grounds for something some people plan and it was against the rules of the military but it was a plan from some people so  I  will like to put all the decision makers of these issue to come in conclusion that it was not all of us that was part and to it we were not thought anything call military law that they are standing on to say electrification to sack all of us.  God been the final sayer should speak for us so that we can go and train. amen

Isaac Pray this prayer Prayer for Employment 


Prayer Request from Helena,

I would like to pray for me to pass my degree university in Namibia. 
Pray for me against my enemies that are against me and my progress to get a  new job.

Helena Pray this Prayer for Success. No enemy is against you finding a new job.
Pray for the job and put in applications to jobs that you qualify.  Also upgrade yourself.

Prayer Request from Akosua
I need financial and marital breakthrough.
Please pray Prayer for Marital Breakthrough and Prayer to Get Employed


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