Prayer for Finances, Family and Business

Prayer Request from Evans
I have a lot of family problems and any time i invest money into my bussiness i run
at lost within no time which has led me to owe a lot people.
It has become something disturbing my life.

Please pray Prayer for Family and Prayer for Finances

Prayer Request from Amanda

It is my prayer that the Lord will grant me a good job this year and a heart to
love and serve Him the more.

Thank You

Request from Maxwell
Am currently working with reputable company on contract basis but my 
contract ends on the 15th of February 2016. without God am going home jobless. 
help me prayers.thank you
Please pray Prayer for Employment 

Request from Damilola
i want the lord to provide all i needed for this new year and my life 
should be turn round for good this year!

Prayer Request from Alex,

My prayer request is to seek Gods face to forgive my sins and to pour his
divine favor and unfailing love on me and my family forever. 
I request God to have an everlasting covenant with me and my family in blessings
protection love health and let his will be done on us.
i request God to reinstate me on my Job or provide me a permanent lucrative Job so
i can take care of my family and people who are in need.

i request God to help me become the person he wants me to be and show 
me the way the truth and life.

Prayer request from Alex,

I have been negotiating a business contract from CPL Distributors in the UK which broke down
in Dec. 2015. I have a manufacturing plant to be set up at Akim Oda to produce for CPL 
but are unable to agree on a contract.

Prayer Request from Emma 
Please I need prayer for my family; my Mum who is sick,my children, and
most Wife. Who is now creating a lot of confusion in my life. 
I have asked God to intervene, but still please remember me in your prayers. Thanks. 

Please Pray this Prayer for Family

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