Prayer Request to Finance My Education

I am Emmanuel Kwadwo Mensah of 27 years of age. I am a graduate with second class honours in BSc Human Biology from the University of Cape Coast, in Ghana, in the year 2012. After I struggled with employment problems after my graduation, I had myself connected with a travel agency to help me land an admission in the States. The agency helped me to get the admission. I had an Admission into University of Avalon school of medicine in Ohio to study medicine in the States for four years and gain resident permit after my completion. But I am to start my first 16 months of my study on the Caribbean island called Curacao near Venezuela for which I am to start school this coming May 2, 2016.

The travel agency told me to pay $ 1,900 as my tuition fees and after that there wouldn’t be any charge again except my living expenses and my mother managed to raised this money for me and then bought my ticket to the island to start my studies and hoping that when I get here, there would be some sort of cushioning job for me to at least use the little allowances I get out of it I could manage it with my feeding and housing needs.

I got to the island and the school shows me an invoice of my fee of $ 6,500.00 for only one semester which constitute only 4 months out of the 16 months on the island and pay this amount for all the 4 semesters and even increase to about $ 7,000.00 if necessary. Now I am in a total dilemma not knowing what to do because my mom back in Ghana do not have such amount of money and the ones that she paid earlier in my coming here were even borrowed.

And to stay here too I have to get a residence permit which cost $ 1000.00 per year including health insurance. I told my mom about the situation and she collapsed and now been hospitalized over a heart attack. So Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus I am your brother in need of prayer seriously to save my mother from the hospital and I am in need of Scholarship to help me pay my fees because I don’t want to return home to see my mother imprisoned because of me and as a ‘prodigal son’ in this situation.

So help me pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for He provides a way out where there seems to be no way and He creates Something out of Nothing and He works in a mysterious ways to provide food to Elijah through birds of the air and created the dried way through the Red sea for the Israelites to pass through without stumbling their feet against stone. Help me in any kind of prayer and You shall be rewarded by our dear Master planner JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH. AMEN.

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Prayer Request from Rose:

Pray for the my son to be born again and filled with the holy spirit.
That he may turn away from the world. And the influence of the world and demonic council.

Request from Hayford:
Greetings to u all in the name of God....i want you to help me in prayers against any family 
curse, delay in life and setback......God Bless You And Thank You.

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