How I Gave My Life to Christ

My childhood was rough and I was kidnapped from my mother, I ran away from my dad when I was a teen married at age 16, with in a year I was burned in a car accident, and lost my grandfather that I hadn't seen for 10 years and then husband got killed on a motorcycle. my response was rebellion and I remarried but marriage didn't last. 

We divorced and then I went out into the world and worked in clubs and lived a immoral life! later I found out about a person who said they were in a Satanic cult and that they were about to kill a little boy for a sacrifice, I told a police officer and they told me they knew about it and that my life was in danger, and asked me, would you like police surveillance? 

I told them yes, and after that I was in fear of my life and it was then that I realized ( if I died I would go to hell), so I wanted to go to the nearest church and give my life to Jesus. I did exactly that on the very next Sunday, and the following Sunday was baptized. BTW the child's life was spared and was not sacrificed but I gave my live to the ONE who sacrificed His life for me! Since that time, my life has been renewed, and blessed. God has used me to care for the poor, the old and teach young girls the word.

I have never been more at peace. Wont you give your life over to Him too?

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