Testimony to God for Restoring My Relationship

My Testimony is about my Ex Boyfriend and us two breaking up and by Gods grace us two getting back together! Sometimes it felt like God wasn’t working or God was doing nothing because for 2 years there was no improvement. BUT I promise you God works with people’s hearts, what had happened between us two was so impossible and God fixed everything. PLEASE whatever your wish is, in the bible it doesn’t say ‘no’ Gods answer is simply ‘yes’ or ‘wait’ Just Trust God please. Keep Praying ALWAYS ANDRead More

Prayer for Marital Breakthrough, Employment and Exams

Prayer request from Isaac: Am a 23 year boy who had a desire to join the army with the motive and a good heart of helping the needy especially the blind because back in High School I  sometimes visits them and  I  find it great to help them so  I  prayed to God and he heard my prayer after a thorough selection of about 27 thousand plus people applying and  I  was selected to join the service. Great blessing from God he has protected me through the difficult two months on training groundsRead More

Prayer for Finances, Family and Business

Prayer Request from Evans I have a lot of family problems and any time i invest money into my bussiness i run at lost within no time which has led me to owe a lot people. It has become something disturbing my life. Please pray Prayer for Family and Prayer for Finances Prayer Request from Amanda It is my prayer that the Lord will grant me a good job this year and a heart to love and serve Him the more. Thank You Request from Maxwell Am currently working withRead More

Prayer Request for Employment, Marriage and Finances

Prayer Request from Kim That I be blessed with financial prosperity and success with my business and team in World Ventures. I cannot handle working for a boss that treats me terribly doesn’t appreciate me and lays me off on a regular basis I have put my heart and soul into World Ventures I have done everything the way I’m supposed to and  I just want to be in a place where. I don’t have to worry about money anymore where I can donate and volunteer as much as IRead More

Prayer Request to Finance My Education

I am Emmanuel Kwadwo Mensah of 27 years of age. I am a graduate with second class honours in BSc Human Biology from the University of Cape Coast, in Ghana, in the year 2012. After I struggled with employment problems after my graduation, I had myself connected with a travel agency to help me land an admission in the States. The agency helped me to get the admission. I had an Admission into University of Avalon school of medicine in Ohio to study medicine in the States for four yearsRead More

Prayers and Supplications

From: babatunde olawuyi Prayer request that.. (a) that my darling daughter in a 13-year marriage should have a baby or babies by divine grace during 2016, (b) that I should enjoy the grace of good health, peace, safety and wisdom to produce efficaciously and be promoted at work in 2016, (c) that my darling last son should attain academic and life’s excellence in 2016 and future years, (d) that my life should produce joy and peace to my church, my home, my profession, my relations, my friends, my community. PleaseRead More

Prayer to Acquire a Job

hello. my name is cynthia. i graduated from the university in 2013 and every effort to get a job and even starting some little bussiness seems not to be working for me at all. i just dont know what to do anymore.sometimes,i feel the best option would be sucide to end it all.anywhere i go to seek prayers and spiritual help,am told a man from outside is on his way to rescue me but he seems to be taking forever. besides,i want a job not a man. entry into aRead More

Prayer to Restore Marriage

I am requesting prayers for restoring my marriage. My wife and I are born again Christians, we attend church every day together, we attend prayer meetings together we also work together, spend every day, every night together. She is the last one I see before I go to bed and the first person I see when I am up in the morning and we are married for two years and a few months. My wife believe that I don’t love her and that I am married to her for gain.Read More

Today’s Prayer Request to Travel, Family and Financies

Prayer to Travel Its been my wish to travel outside Ghana after my university education in 2016. I registered for this year America visa lottery , it’s my prayer that I become one of the winners to enter the state in 2017. am also writing institute of chartered accountant, Ghana professional exams in may,2017and it’s my prayer to pass all the papers. Also its my prayer that all my siblings gets their hearts desire. These are my prayer requests.   Fruit of the Womb Please i have married for threeRead More

Today Prayer Intentions

Healing I am sick and I need a miracle from God   For Financial Prosperity I NEED PRAYERS FOR ME TO PROSPER IN LIFE IN THE YEAR 2016   To have a Child and Money I WANT MY FAMILY TO UK HAVE MY IN MY ACCOUNT TO BRING THEM AND HAVE A CHILD FREDDIE   Prayer to soften the heart of my boss God to touch the heart of my boss to grant me a study leave to further my education at the university   Multiple Prayer Request ACADEMIC FINANCIALRead More